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1. The Blue Lady
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Moss Beach Distillery, a restaurant in California, is home to a ghost who has become known as The Blue Lady. It is believed that the young woman was tragically killed close by while walking with her lover. There have been many sightings of her at the restaurant over the past 70 years. The business’s accountant had a strange encounter one evening when her printer inexplicably spewed out a piece of paper with nothing but a small heart printed on it. Seems this distillery serves up all sorts of spirits...

Ghost: "an apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image".

Are you Alone?

Ghosts are sinonimos with haunted houses or graveyards, but the workplace is not immune to an occasional haunting. Have you ever been alone at your place of work only to suspect you are not alone after all? Does the hair on the back of your neck suddenly stand up, as an eerie chill drifts over you? Do doors creak and lights flicker as you burn the midnight oil? Maybe a spirit has taken up residence in your workplace, and I am not talking about the bottle of Jack Daniels you spotted in your supervisors desk. 

Modern offices are not usually hang outs for ghosts. Paranormal investigators state that ghosts are attracted to places with high emotional content..... yes I know that when everyone found out that Ben from accounting was dating married gal Jan from marketing, emotions ran pretty high. However it seems that office emotion is a different consciousness than what people engage in at home.

Ghosts for Sale

Restaurants, Hotels and B & Bs have a higher incidence of ghost sightings. Some business' even advertise the fact that they host a resident spirit. It can be good for business. Ghost tourism is infact a booming industry. certified ghost hunters will happily guide you through a tour of the spookiest spots in their town for a fee of anything between $10 to $30.  Some of the top cities for ghost hunting are Edinburgh Scotland, Prague Czech R, Charlston SC, Salem Mass', London UK.

Proceed with Caution

If you do suspect that your workplace is haunted, you may want to hold off on calling in Ghost Busters. A City Health Department employee of Butte Montana got herself into hot water with her bosses when she took it upon herself to rid her office of ghosts. She called in Butte paranormal investigative team who promptly installed an infrared camara in one of the office rooms to monitor the energy flow allegedly created by ghosts. However, the whole thing backfired when another employee spotted the camara and reported it to the police, who on viewing the recordings saw nothing remotely ghost like.

 As Darkness Falls

So as the days grow shorter and darkness falls before the end of your work day, try not to linger too long in the office. Every sound you hear or flash of movement you see could be your imagination getting the better of you..... Or you might just find yourself face to ghoulish face with the office ghost....

Happy Halloween!



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