Gift Ideas for Any Office Celebration

Do you have a hard time finding good presents for your colleagues? Fear not! As always we are here to help you out! Maybe these tips can help you too?

Finding the right gifts for an office occasion isn’t always an easy task. We’ve given you the lowdown on the worst gifts you can expect in an office, but what about when it comes to tracking down the best? Whether you’re on the hunt for a favorite colleague’s birthday, need something for your best clients, or looking to celebrate a great supervisor this list of office-appropriate gifts won’t disappoint.

1. A Little Pick Me Up

Coffee Cup and Beans on Wooden Table

It’s rare to be in the office and not encounter the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Caffeine has become a staple of the workforce, and if the gift recipient in question is a notorious coffee fiend, you can’t go wrong with a caffeine-centric gift. Check out some delicious espresso samplers, or get a little classy and check out the elegant looking filter-drip coffeemakers that true java connoisseurs adore.

2. The Consummate Traveler

Does your company require frequent travel? If you’re looking for a jet setting-themed gift for a coworker or boss, consider a classic—the neck pillow. Whether they’re hopping on a late night red eye to head across the country or taking an international flight to a meeting on the other side of the world, a quality neck pillow always comes in handy. If they often have to check in luggage, they’ve likely dealt with airports somehow misplacing their belongings in transit. Give them the gift of peace of mind with TrakDot; this amazing device can be slipped into a bag or suitcase and tracked right from your smartphone.

3. Bring Nature Indoors

table covered of grass and plants

You might think an office plant lacks creativity and inspiration, but there’s a reason this gift is so popular. For one, it’s easy to find, and two, it comes with some seriously great benefits. Plants have been proven to improve air quality in stuffy office buildings, and the addition of nature in an office setting helps some people feel more at peace. There are so many options to choose from. Some prefer peaceful and easy to care for Bonsais, while others are into the sleek appeal of modern terrariums. Be sure you find something that doesn’t require heavy upkeep, as returning after the weekend or a vacation to a dead plant won’t be the most welcoming sight.

4. Some Calm and Relaxation

Offices can sometimes (more often than not) become stressful environments. If you’ve noticed a coworker or supervisor experiencing excessive levels of stress lately, do what you can to help them achieve a state of tranquility. You might not be able to take them on a trip to Bali, but you can bring the poetic and calming sounds of the rainforest or a delicate stream into their office. Grab a beautiful, nature-themed office fountain from that will provide the sounds and aesthetics of the great outdoors, even when they’re stuck inside working on a big project.

5. Wine…With a Twist

Couple celebrating with champagne on a boat

If your gift is in honor of a celebratory occasion, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of specialty wine. This traditional office gift can get a little old, however, so if you want your offering to stand out, consider ordering a personalized bottle from They’ve got champagne, wines of all types, and even the most popular liquors to choose from. Once you’ve picked the libation the recipient likes, you can personalize a label, whether that be with the text of your choosing or an actual photograph etched on the bottle. Not only will you be gifting a delicious libation to toast with, but the empty bottle can be saved as a lovely memento for years.

No matter who you’re buying for, one of these gift ideas is sure to fit the bill. If any of them have helped you, let us know in the comments section...