Glassdoor Lists Top 25 Colleges with the Best Employment Opportunities

Prospective students can navigate to helpful websites like Students Review or Student Advisor when deciding what college(s) is more appealing to their educational interests. Prospective employees also have access to rating websites that provide advice on which institution they would prefer to work for.

Glassdoor recently posted a list identifying 25 of the best colleges to work for from 2014 to 2015, which are a mixture of public, private, and Ivy League.

The job review website posted on its blog an infographic highlighting the top choices determined by current employee feedback. 

Reviewers rated their experience according to a five star system with one being the least satisfied. The scores were then tallied into an average rating for each university.

According to Glassdoor’s findings, a majority of the employees who have worked or still work at these universities have noted similar positive experiences such as, "flexible work schedules, strong research programs, a sense of making a positive impact on the world and in others’ lives, and great benefits like tuition reimbursement for employees and their families."

A lot of the employee feedback also mentioned the positive aspects of the security and supportive activities on campus.  

Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, UT earned the number one spot on the list with an average employer rating of 4.4. The other four colleges that followed directly behind BYU: Carnegie Mellon University, Clemson University, Princeton University, and Cornell University were practically tied with a rating score of 4.3.

Here is what a few employers had to say about the five leading universities on the list:

1. Brigham Young University: Part-time Technical Writer of less than a year

“I really like the laid-back environment. Management is great and actually cares about their employees. Everyone is clean and friendly. Schedules are generally pretty flexible.”

2. Carnegie Mellon University: Part-time Website Developer of less than a year

“Chances to talk and network with a lot of people from different fields. Good work-life balance for staff.”

3. Clemson University: Part-time Graduate Research Assistant of more than five years 

“This place has a lot to offer: great people, wonderful campus, excellent teaching stuff, excellent health care provider. The compensation is average for the position and is enough to sustain very limited lifestyle.” 

  1. Princeton University: Full-time Postdoctoral Associate of less than a year

“Ivy league institute with knowledgeable and field-leading researchers. The benefits are great, parking is free and the campus is beautiful.”

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  1.  Cornell University: Full-time Lecturer of less than a year

“I’ve found the working environment at Cornell to be friendly and engaging. It also offers great benefits.”

In addition to some of the positive reviews, there were also some cons that mainly related to poor compensation and salary rates.

However, Glassdoor also made sure to specify position salaries generally provided at each university.

For example, a Graduate Research Assistant’s average salary varies at each college:

1. BYU: $21,187 

2. CMU: $24,465

3. Clemson Mellon: $21,735 

4. Princeton: $31,044

5. Cornell: $29,046

Other colleges that ranked lower, but were deemed ideal for employment also includes institutions like Virginia Tech, Texas A&M University, and Florida State University.

Image source: Glassdoor




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