Going to Professional Trip? Don't Forget These Travel Guide Apps

Gone are the days when travel guides and books were considered to be the source of information about a specific area, now a myriad of travel guide apps are available. Almost all of these apps have one thing in common; they resolve every travel-related problem you didn’t even think you had. Online app stores are loaded with many such apps, which help cut down journey time, point you towards the right direction and so on.

Here are the best travel guide apps you shouldn’t forget before leaving for a professional trip:

1. TripAdvisor Offline City Maps

This free app guides you towards the nearest food-points, shops and tourist attractions. You can download offline maps of the cities because it doesn’t automatically install every city’s map. The app doesn’t work offline, so make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection before leaving.

2. Tripomatic

Tripomatic facilitates you to make an itinerary on your Smartphone. You can edit this itinerary online. The app automatically creates day-to-day meeting and refreshment plans. You can select sights to check out on the basis of built-in reviews and pictures of this app. You can also access maps of different locations and save them for offline use.

3. Gogobot

Gogobot always has something interesting to dish up for the travelers. With this app, you can access useful suggestions about best places to go with family. Also, you can easily locate an affordable meeting hall to arrange your meeting with clients. Download and save all of its activities to use offline.

4. Fast Talk

The most amazing feature of Fast Talk is that it enables you to understand the way of speaking the local language, and deal with awkward situations. So use this app and impress the local clients. The application was developed by Lonely Planet. It can guide you on the five best and commonly used European languages; English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German.

5. Wikitude

Wikitude opens the world of augmented reality for you. With its built-in pictures, you can get information about the history, culture, language, and tourist point of a specific site. The app provides in-depth explanations about popular sites and business buildings you will encounter.

6. City Guides, Offline Maps

With this app, you can explore new travel destinations of an area. It is a great iPhone app that saves much of your time with its automatic venue-locating option. You can also plan trips, and import your self-designed itineraries.

7. JetLag Genie

One of the most irritating things about traveling abroad is corruption of your sleeping time. You don’t get enough sleep due to the time zone difference. On arrival in a new land, new time and line-up of activities makes it impossible for us to sleep well. With JetLag Genie, you can set your sleeping time during the flight, and at your hotel.

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I highly recommend that you should get the premium version of these travel guide apps.

Do you use these apps for your traveling needs? If you use any other apps, tell us about them below!




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