Good Girls Gone Bad: How Fame Can Bring You Down

Sickeningly sweet, these girls were so cute they made puppies look like hounds of hell. They embodied the wholesome, cute girl next door. The type of girl you can take home to mom and even your grandma would love. Enter Puberty. Suddenly an explosion of nipples, thongs and Playboy spreads replaced the cute with sex appeal and the wholesome with salaciousness. These are some of those cute girls that went into a tail-spin and hit the ground in a puff of cocaine and an explosion of nudity. The good girls gone bad!

The Black Mouse Crew

There are few things in this world that are more innocent than Mickey Mouse. The squeaky voiced mascot of the Disney corporation that has reared (and brainwashed) millions of children around the world with his friends: a duck that refuses to wear pants, a dog (?) that’s so clumsy that he is a danger to himself and those around him and Mickey’s girlfriend who wears a dress so short that it perpetually displays her underwear for the world to see.

Hey…wait, let’s rewind and stick with the innocent. One of the Mouse’s biggest hits was a show that aired during the late fifties and again during the late 80s until the mid-90s. Basically, it involved an army of extremely talented children in a variety show, singing, dancing and putting on skits. It was wholesome, cute and squeaky clean. The second iteration of the Mickey Mouse Club featured two good girls that went bad…one of which went much worse than the other. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were co-stars on the Mickey Mouse show, both transitioned into a bubble-gum pop music career (with some slight sexual undertones, but still kept it clean) and then suddenly went full sex-bomb, rump-shaker, here are some videos to illustrate.

Despite some weight gain (which was only really an issue because she was famous) Aguilera has actually kept herself out of the tabloids for the most part. The same can’t exactly be said for Britney, who had a tragically public full-out nervous breakdown starting with a 52-hour wedding.

Black Mouse Crew Associates

Much like other criminal organizations, the Black Mouse Crew has different levels of involvement, from members of the MMC, like the two lovely women above, to the fully contracted money makers. Well, these next girls made vast amounts of money for the Disney Corporation with their cute mannerisms, fresh faces and propensity to get into easily resolved and innocent trouble. I think we’ll start from the least obvious example: Vanessa Hudgens, who starred in, High School Musical, a musical that takes place in a high school (I apologize to the more astute readers, I had to clarify for the slower amongst us). Well, Hudgens was keeping her nose clean, dating a fellow Disney channel heartthrob when suddenly, nude pictures of her leaked on the internet allowing her to transition immediately from cutesy teeny bopper to full blown sex goddess. Compared to our next Disney veteran, though, Vanessa was Mother Teresa.

Lindsay Lohan was a promising child star, with a great work ethic and the cutest of freckled faces. She had starred in a slew of honey sweet Disney movies, showing she had chops in both acting and comedic timing. She even starred opposite Jamie Lee Curtis in the remake of Freaky Friday, which was not only commercially but also critically successful. Eventually she started to dive into the mire of alcohol and drug abuse, a trope often seen in Hollywood. Culminating in a series of damning convictions for driving under the influence of intoxicants. Although her sex appeal stock rose, her stock as an actress and professional plummeted. She was notoriously inconsistent, irresponsible and unstable. Since then she has posed nude for various magazines, attempted numerous comebacks and was even arrested. Unfortunately, she never managed to fully resurrect her career.

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