Government Continues to Improve Infrastructure of Health Services

Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at 4:20 pm

In order to improve the health care received by residents in the district Guararé, the national government, through the Social Security Fund (CSS) will build the local unit of Primary Health Care (ULAPS), in that sector of the country, so we proceeded today by President of the Republic, Ricardo Martinelli, the laying of the foundation stone of the new work.

During the ceremony, President Martinelli said: "These are works that remain and that will benefit all Panamanians despite the constant criticism that I do". "This work is an example of the projects that we are bequeathing to the Panamanian people are works of health care and roads and many more that will bring better quality and life expectancy all Panamanians," said Martinelli.

According to the Chief Executive this is the highest budget execution and history is reflected in the works that this government is doing around the country. The president said his greatest legacy will be back to the Panamanians the ability to dream and therefore continue to fulfill its promises.

With this new facility will benefit 10 000 391 inhabitants living in the districts of Guararé header, El Espinal, The Macano, Guararé above, Enea, The Pasera, Las Trancas, Llano A low, El Hato and Perales, part of Guararé district in the province of Los Santos.

In attendance were the director of the Social Security Fund, Guillermo Sáez Llorens, Vice Minister of the Presidency, Maria Fabrega, Deputy Carlos Afu, and the governor of Los Santos, Armando Batista.

This new executive unit to replace the existing, functioning in a rented space and reduced to meet the current demand of users, will be built in its own grounds and have room for two general medical clinics and nursing, in addition to the pediatrics, gynecology and dentistry. It will also have an area for a second-level laboratory, pharmacy and X-ray

Also contemplated physical space for the administrative area, waiting room, storage for supplies or other equipment, toilets, laundry and parking space for, besides the construction of a water storage tank and treatment plant wastewater.

This new ULAPS not fall into the range of projects being developed by the Social Security Fund at national level including the construction of mega hospitals, polyclinics new and greater number of local primary care units, in order to meet demand space of policyholders and beneficiaries.