Graduate Programme at KPMG

KPMG is one of the biggest professional services organizations in the world and one of the Big Four Auditors of the world. Started in 1987 as a result of a merger between Peat Marwick International and Klynveld Main Goerdeler, KPMG is a Swiss Cooperative which has come a long way. Today it has offices worldwide and employs more than 150,000 people.

KPMG has work opportunities for school/college dropouts, undergraduates and graduates. On working at KPMG, Emily says, “My work at the KPMG Foundation has given me the opportunity to use my business and accounting skills in a different way to benefit the community. It has led to a greater appreciation of the different hardships faced by people too.”

Here is an account of the Graduate Programme offered by KPMG.

Graduate Programme Sectors at KPMG:

KPMG’s Graduate Programme comprises of 4 wide sectors such as Advisory, Audit, Tax & Pensions and Central Services. Tax and Pension programmes have a 9 month training period and a contract of 3 years. Advisory and Audit sectors run the graduate programme for 3 years and the programme by Central Services is for 2 years. Here is a brief outline of each sector and the possible qualifications you can receive after doing the 3 year of graduate programme with them.  

  1.       Advisory:

Being a worldwide professional services organization, providing consultation and advice to clients is one of the major undertakings of KPMG. Working with Advisory, apart from giving you material perks is an intellectually challenging job which can help you strengthen your intellect and analytical skills. Meeting clients for consultation also offers you opportunities to meet new people, network and open new career paths for yourself.

Advisory is further divided into Business Consulting, Financial Advisory and Technology Consultation. Each sector has its own benefits. Being in Business Consulting will give you an opportunity to engage with Economics and Regulation, Management Consulting, Actuarial, etc. whereas Financial Advisory makes you work in Accounting Advisory Services, Forensics, Transactions & Restructuring, etc.,

In the three years at the Graduate Programme in Advisory with KPMG, you can be working towards any of the following qualifications: Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, CFA, MSc in Economics, ACA, CIMA, CISI or a technology specific qualification.

  1.       Audit

Audit deals with the company’s financial activity and its shareholders. Working in Audit will give you the financial expertise of dealing with several clients, understanding their financial situations and managing financial crises. Working in audit will establish a clear view of right accounting practices and the adverse effects companies will have to face if such accounting practices are breeched. The Audit sector of KPMG offers 3 graduate programme opportunities in the following areas: Business Audit, Audit Mandarin and Public Sector Audit.

These Audit programs are for a period of three years and result in an ACA or CA qualification. The candidate can choose whether want an Intensive or Integrated or Independent training program.

  1.       Tax & Pensions

KPMG works with several clients to build safe and healthy tax and pension options for them. The Tax & Pensions sector is responsible for advising clients on their existing tax plans and see if it is a suitable and viable option for them. Working with this sector of KPMG will help a candidate strengthen his or her understanding of the nature of tax and the different ways in which they influence the commercial undertakings of any company.

Tax & Pensions sector of KPMG offers the following Graduate Programs: Tax, Investment Advisory, Japan Practise in Tax and Pensions Actuarial. These are 9 month training program with a 3 year contract at KPMG. A Graduate Programme at the KPMG Tax & Pensions can lead to different qualifications at the end of the third year, such as a dual ICAS CA and Tax Professional Qualification, Charter Holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) qualification or Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, etc.,

  1.       Central Services

Every organization has two types of employees, those who fall under the categories described above and those who manage the image of the company, the comfort of those working in the company and the relationship between the clients and the company. KPMG’s central services takes care of this, having under its ambit three graduate programmes in Human Resources, Facilities and Marketing.

These are 2 year programmes working towards different qualifications such as CIPD qualifications and other accredited marketing qualifications.

Being able to work with the Human Resources and Marketing teams of KPMG is an excellent opportunity to fine-tune your people skills, interaction and communication skills. It also helps you understand the importance of answering any query- be it an administrative query or a simple query regarding employee benefits.

Qualifications & Requirements for the Graduate Programme:

To be eligible to apply for the KPMG Graduate programme, a candidate has to have the following requirements:

-          Minimum grade B GCSE Maths and minimum grade B GCSE English Language or equivalent

-          Minimum of 320 UCAS Tariff points (or 26 UCAS points) or equivalent

-          Minimum 2:1 degree in any discipline

-          Mandarin programmes expect the candidate to be well versed in English and Mandarin

KPMG accepts applications from international students. But international students have an earlier deadline of April 30 2014.

Perks of working at KPMG:

KPMG offers a highly competitive salary. estimates that KPMG pays the market rate to employees along with a range of bonuses and perks. Graduate Programme employees enjoy full study support, interest free loans of up to 7000GBP, annual bonuses up to 4000 GBP, other benefits such as daily lunch allowance, paid holidays, seasonal tickets and vouchers, etc.,

How to apply:

For all the perks KPMG comes with, the application process is lengthy and consists of 6 stages. You have to pass through all the six stages to acquire a graduate programme offer at KPMG.

Since the interview involves verbal and aptitude and other judgment based tests, it is right only to prepare well in advance before sitting these tests.

Even though the Graduate Programme at KPMG is quite difficult to enter, it is one of the most prestigious opportunities available if you are looking for a career path in professional services. It is definitely a position worth giving a shot. Good luck!