Great Reasons to Work For and With Millennials

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Millennials are a great source of inspiration despite what it is being said about them. So would you work for them? Here are 4 reasons why you should.

A lot has been said about millennials. For the most part, people say that millennials – the age group defined as those between 18 and 34, are lazy, greedy, self-absorbed and wasteful. In fact, according to a study, many millennials agree with this view. But, as much as they don’t want to give themselves credit, millennials are far more valuable in the workplace and in senior positions than they realise.      

As research shows, millennials matter and can meaningfully contribute to an organisation. Their career aspirations, attitudes about work and knowledge of technology have and will continue to shape the world of work, and that’s always a good thing. Perhaps the most interesting thing about millennials is that they know what they want in their jobs and aren’t willing to compromise.

A recent report from PWC said that millennial workers tend to be ‘uncomfortable with rigid corporate structures’ and prefer new management styles. This is evident through their ambition and desire to learn as they succeed.

Since millennials currently constitute the largest percentage of people in the job market, there is a high chance you work with millennials and might even end up working for one at some point in your career. In fact, here are some great reasons on why you should.

#1 They Are More Likely to Succeed as Entrepreneurs

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Because millennials are very ambitious, many of them choose to become entrepreneurs and are pretty good at it. According to The Principal Financial Well-Being IndexSM: More Gen X and Baby Boomer business owners say that their businesses are struggling to stay afloat compared to millennial business owners.

In fact, 83 percent of companies owned by millennials have added staff in the past year compared to 66 percent of Gen X and 49 percent of Baby Boomer employers. This shows that businesses owned by millennials are more financially healthy and more likely to survive in the long run.

#2 They Value Work-Life Balance

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Millenials don’t like working in dictatorships and as leaders they never treat their employees like slaves. Because they enjoy flexible work, they want to be able to be themselves at work and ask their employees to do the same. Even though they may have high expectations from people they work with, they allow a lot of freedom in the workplace because they value creativity, diversity and individuality. Millennial leaders are well aware that every person has different needs and that keeping a good work-life balance is vital to success.

#3 They Are Efficient

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As much as they like freedom, Millennials also like to see results. When millennials are in charge, they expect to get quick and easy results – not because they are lazy rather very practical. Whatever the problem they are willing to take the time and brainstorm ideas with the rest of the team and come up with innovative solution. If it happens to work for millennials, you are more likely to succeed in your job when you share the same work values and drive for success.

#4 They Know What Employees Need

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What’s good about having a millennials boss is that you get to enjoy a range of excellent employee benefits. Since millennials know what you need to be happy in your job, they are more likely to make you an offer you can’t refuse. Apart from the competitive benefits package, you are also likely to get more perks at work when working for a millennial business owner. Game or nap rooms, free lunches and gym membership are just some of the advantages you can get that can make you a happy and productive employee.

Working with millennials can be great. Not only you will get to enjoy more benefits at work but you will also get to work for an employer that understands work-life balance, allows you to be yourself and reach your full potential. Have you ever worked for or with millennials? What was it like? Let me know in the comments section below.