‘Green’ Entrepreneurial Projects: Are They Worth the Investment?

Evidentially, investing in 'green', eco-friendly projects is not only a trendy endeavor but also a profitable one in today's society, and Harry Standley, a wealthy British businessman can testify to that. Standley has devised a renewable energy project from which he will earn £80,000 per year! 

The Yacht broker plans to erect a 150ft wind turbine on his 270-acre Yew Tree Farm in Laxfield. However, his neighbors aren’t so happy about this promising plan. They claim that this ‘aspiring’ proposal will aesthetically ruin the area, and will do little to help the environment and the community. It will however line Mr Standley's pocket rather nicely! 

The landowner  eagerly supports the Government’s renewable energy scheme and believes that every environmentally conscious citizen should contribute to minimizing the energy gap.

The costs for erecting a turbine are reported to be as high as £500,000 (as was evident in Standley’s case) but there is a return on investment if you look at it in the long run. If you consider that one can earn £80,000 a year from the usage of the turbine, it would be possible to pay off the costs in almost 6 years time. After the 6-year period is over, you will be able to secure a clear profit every year. Also, by that time you will have turned your community into an ecological paradise!Since the usage of fossil fuels becomes an increasingly unsustainable option nowadays, capitalizing on different forms of renewable sources is vital for today’s households.

Apart from being an environmentally-friendly movement, it is a viable and reliable entrepreneurial investment. Incentives for investing in an eco-friendly project include the fact that tariffs reward turbine owners with around 22p for each kWh of electricity produced and kWh exported. 

With so many startups failing to survive in a tough and competitive economy, it seems the only safe investment prospects lie in 'green' projects.