How to Green Your Business

Going Green

If you have a small business and you are interested in making it green, be encouraged because it is possible. You may think that this is an expensive undertaking, right? Even if it is, it would certainly be a good investment for several reasons. The EPA is constantly making changes to accommodate a healthier environment. These regulatory changes will continue to improve for the future, which will allow energy-efficient business owners to position themselves in the marketplace to take advantage of energy price increases. In addition, consumers are gravitating towards a safer environment and non-toxic products. There are so many possibilities for green companies now than there ever has been before. 

Making Better Choices

So many people are consciously making better choices for their health and investing in more green products for their homes. If that is not enough to motivate business owners to go green, then nothing else will. To put your business on the ‘green bandwagon,’ here are some things to consider: 

#1 The Sustainability of Your Business 

Re-assess how you manage your energy consumption. This will directly transform into lower cost for energy. This means that you could consider switching to renewable energy. Find ways to reduce your energy bills such as installing LED lights. Consider greening your existing products and services by announcing new green solutions and technologies. Consider green designs for new products and services. 

#2 Green Strategy

When you create a new green strategy, make sure that it is published on your website and in every company correspondence. If you are going green, you want the world to know about it. As environmental issues change, revisit your green policy and continually update them. Stay committed to the cause and people will notice it. 

#3 Working with Green Merchants

You want to do business with other companies that follow strict environmental guidelines. Before doing business with a company, find out if they follow sustainability procedures. You should do business with companies that understand the impact of non-recyclable paper, for example, on the environment. 

#4 Get Involved with Environmental Organizations

Find a ‘green cause’ in your community and support it. Invite your employees to become volunteers. It will create a good image for your business and moreover, it is a meaningful way to encourage your employees and the community to be environmentally conscious.  Scorecard at goodguide has a combination of more than 200 state’s database of profiles of local environmental issues and the adverse impact of toxic chemicals. This will educate you on the issues and the urgency of your participation. At, you will get an idea of what your city is doing when it comes to environmental issues. Become a part of this. ‘Friends of The Earth Organization’ at has various projects that you can get involved in. 

#5 Reduce Carbon Imprint

Reduce your carbon imprint and spread the word among your customers. You would be surprised how customer loyalty will increase, especially for people who support the environment. You will not only save energy, but foster a greener environment and increase business profits. 

#6 Keep a Check on Costs

Make sure that you consistently keep a close high on your heating cost and your energy cost. By doing so, you will be aware of how much energy you are using to heat certain areas of your office. You will be better able to maintain and manage your heating and lighting systems. For example, you will only heat the areas that you use the most. Adapt a habit of reusing things that don’t need to be trashed. Reduce the water that you consume. Use water-based ink cartridges and recycled paper. Demand the same thing from your entire supply chain and employees. If you are doing something good for the environment, you want everyone involved to be doing the same. 

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Make sure that your employees are on board with your new green vision for the company. Create energy-efficient objectives for the business. Make it a fun experience. Get new ideas from your employees on how you can even make the office greener, healthier and safer.