Guidelines for Increasing App Downloads


Apps have become an increasingly common feature for people who use mobile devices. While some apps are free, others require payment of a fee before downloading. As a result, app development has become a very lucrative venture for many entrepreneurs. However, building a fantastic app is useless if no one downloads it. Here are some tips which can help you increase your app downloads:

1. Write great descriptions

Before releasing your app to the marketplace, be sure to write a detailed description for it. If you are targeting the international market, it would be advisable to localize the description in popular languages like French, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese. There are several tools out there which can automatically translate languages, but they are not very accurate. It would therefore be advisable to hire the services of a human translator. In addition, you need to ensure your description contains keywords related to your app. This will make it easier for people to find you online. For example, if you have a photo app named ‘Amazing Photo Tricks’, make sure the word ‘photo’ appears 3-6 times in the description. You should also use the words ‘tricks’ and ‘amazing’ several times. Finally, remember to list the app’s features as well as mention any permissions which will be requested upon installation.

2. Use professional images

Many app developers make the mistake of failing to have a cover image for their app. However, having a cover image can go a long way in boosting user downloads. Make sure your cover image is as clean, crisp and professional as possible. You could consider taking a photo of a real individual using your app on their tablet, iPad or phone. If the app is for restaurants, show a photo of a restaurant owner using the app. This will make your app look credible and thus boost downloads.

3. Create a video

Having a video showing how your app works can go a long way in increasing downloads. It would be prudent to hire the services of a professional video production agency. There are now even sites like Apptamin which focus on app videos specifically. If you need a voiceover, you could also invest in great voice talent. Be sure to include subtitles in the local language. If possible, you could also get it translated into the common international languages.

4. Get the word out

One of the best ways of creating awareness about your app is by writing press releases and distributing them through services such as Marketwired or PRWeb. You could also consider using services which focus specifically on mobile users such as appshout! Besides using such services, it would also be advisable to get in touch with different small and mid-size tech blogs for reviews. In most cases, the owners of such blogs would be excited to feature new apps since this would result in more traffic to their blogs. However, don’t make the mistake of sending an identical article to every blog. You will only end up being penalized by Google for duplicate content.

5. Keep track of the user

It is very important to keep track of how users are engaging with your app. This will give you an idea of what is working and what is not. A good analytics tool will help you compare different apps as well as monitor users’ behaviors. Some of the tools you could use for analytics include Google’s Universal AnalyticsCountly, and Localytics.

What strategies have you used to promote your app? How many have actually succeeded? Share with us in the comments section below.