Guidelines for Promoting Your Music on Twitter


Twitter is a powerful marketing tool which should not be ignored by any musician. Not only does it enable you to get your music in front of fans fast, but also allows you to connect with people who are actually interested of your genre. Here are some guidelines for promoting your music on Twitter:

1. Build a following

Here are some steps for creating a following for your music on Twitter:

  • Find people who love your genre of music and follow them
  • When they visit your Twitter page, direct them to your site
  • Grab their interest by exposing them to your music
  • Entice them to join your mailing list with a freebie such as merchandise or a single. This will enable you to build a long term relationship with them

Though this strategy has been proven to be effective, it can be very tiring if done manually. Finding people, adding them and unfollowing those who don’t show interest can take a lot of time. The good news though is that this process can be automated using TweetAdder. This tool makes it easier to follow and unfollow prospective fans.

2. Interact with followers

Getting people to follow you on Twitter is not enough; you need to interact with them on a regular basis. This could be through posting your own tweets, retweeting other people’s posts or replying to tweets addressed to you. Here are some things you can tweet about:

  • What you are doing – Your fans would be interested in knowing what you are up to. Once in a while therefore, take time to share what you are doing. This could be eating in a restaurant, visiting a new city or reading a book
  • Your new song – Whenever you are about to release a new song or album, your Twitter followers should be the first to know. This will create a sense of anticipation and is likely to drive up your sales
  • An upcoming gig – Let your fans know about every gig you perform in. Tweet about your experiences before, during and after the performance
  • Ask questions – Getting feedback from your fans is a great way of strengthening relationships with them. For example, you could ask them to share their thoughts about your latest song or recent performance
  • Other platforms and musicians – Occasionally, you could tweet about other influential publications, TV shows or musicians. Mentioning such people or platforms could help you get their attention, thus opening doors for more publicity

3. Spruce up your Twitter profile

As you find new followers and interact with them, you need to ensure that your Twitter profile is properly designed and unique. Twitter comes with features which allow you to customize your profile. You can choose from one of the many pre-designed themes, or decide to customize your own theme. Be sure to use a unique background image which will make your profile instantly recognizable. If you have a logo, it would be advisable to include it in the background image.

4. Create an interesting bio

One of the first things visitors will see on your profile is the 160 character bio appearing at the top of your Twitter page. Therefore, you need to ensure that your bio is well written to maintain the interest of your potential fans. First, mention briefly who you are and what kind of music you are involved in. If you have a site, be sure to leave enough space to insert the link to it. This will enhance the chances of people visiting your site.

When done properly, Twitter marketing can be play a major role in boosting your musical career.  




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