How To Handle Awkward Pick-Up Lines At Work

It feels like you’re in high-school again; you’ve got an admirer that just won’t leave you alone. You’ll do anything to avoid them and everything to ignore them. Turning up at work and having those eyes gawking at you or being followed on your lunch-break is disturbing and irritating. Even so, it’s rather awkward when you’re a victim of your admirer’s pick-up lines. It’s embarrassing and annoying.

For those who feel they know what I’m talking about, check out these cringe-worthy pick-up lines used in the workplace….

“Can you file a workplace safety incident report? I just fell for you.”

"If you were Microsoft Office, I would totally Access you."

“Baby, if you were words on a page, you’d be what they call fine print.”

“Are you from accounting? Because I was ac-counting on seeing you later.”

“I bet it was your hotness that caused today’s mandatory fire drill.”

“Can I borrow a pen? I need it to write down your number when I ask you for it later today because I didn’t want to look it up in the employee directory.”

”Do you have the Wi-Fi password—because I’m feeling this connection.”

Hashtag CRINGE!

Pick-up lines are not the only form of flirtation in the workplace. You’ll discover that there are other signs that your colleague may be crushing on you. Maybe you turn around in your seat and creepily find that your co-worker is smiling at you – FOR NO REASON! Or maybe they tend to always brush against your elbows or ‘bump into you’ on your lunch-break. These signs are humiliating and sometimes damaging to your career. So how do you prevent the cringe-worthy pick-up lines or the strange stalking from bothering you? Here are a few words of advice:

Speak Up

If you trust your instincts and truly believe that your colleague is toying with you, then it may be time to speak up. You have to work with this person everyday so you’ll want to avoid offending them. Consider saying, “I’m not sure if you realized, but I need some personal space.” Or “I’m sure you don’t mean to, but it makes me uncomfortable when you …”

Don’t Jump To Conclusions

There may be a chance that the flirting is actually a miscommunication. Consider that the invite for lunch may just be a friendly invitation or the constant touching of elbows is just a sign of compassion. Don’t be quick to make assumptions!


If the flirting gets out of hand and it really is bothering your day at work then maybe you need to consider speaking to your boss. Informing your boss about the irritating colleague may result in them getting a warning and backing off from you.

Sometimes pick-up lines do not work like a charm. They just wind up being embarassing (not the result the 'flirter' is hoping for I'm sure). Nevertheless, the workplace is in fact the most common place for people to fall in love so always expect a leering admirer! Those pick-up lines could perhaps be leading to something special!