How to Handle Being the New 'Hire'

shaking hands

Remember the nervousness and anxiety you felt as a freshman in college? Remember the do’s and don’ts your relatives told you to follow so you could easily fit in with the crowd? Well, being a new hire is pretty much similar to that. Like college, the workplace has the gossips, noisemakers and the hardworking. However, unlike college, most workplaces are supervised by bosses who tolerate nothing but hard work.

So, you performed excellently during the interview and just received your appointment letter. How do you step into the new office and maintain your calm? Do you play by the rules or reveal your true character from the word go?

The Do’s

Remember Names

“You only have one chance to make a good first impression once.” So goes a popular phrase aimed at reminding interviewees and new hires the importance of taking their chances while they still have them. As a new hire, the easiest way to do this is through remembering other employees’ names. People often ignore this simple fact, but it works. Remember the names of the secretary, supervisor and other co-workers. People feel more valued and respected when we use their names in conversations.

Be Likable

In the workplace, there are employees who are just annoying, pessimistic or just plain boring by choice. Being a new employee, you certainly don’t need to brush shoulders with anyone. Put effort into being likeable: Smile all the time, be kind, and be helpful. This will not only boost your popularity ratings, but also help you get along with coworkers.

Adapt Quickly

Some workplaces are more dynamic than others. For example, the environment in an IT firm is more dynamic than that of a learning institution. Depending on your workplace, you should be able to adapt to the new tasks, routines, faces and schedules. The quicker you do, the more you shed off the ‘new hire’ tag. Adapting quickly means being at the right office, executing the right tasks at the right time. Do this and you will fit right in with other employees.

The Don’ts

Don’t Be Too Aggressive

New employees have a tendency to overwork themselves. Working too hard to impress the boss does not mean you pull all the stops and step on everyone’s toes. Sure, you might have fresh-ideas, but that is just what they are, fresh ideas. Listen first. Take time to understand how things work around the office. It is advisable to wait until your colleagues ask for your opinion. If you do not have all the facts on a given subject matter, don’t say much.

Mind Your Business

This is the one thing that can put your colleagues off quite easily. If you have not been invited to join the conversation, do not invite yourself. Your colleagues will have a hard time trusting you and you might find yourself having lunch with the boss!

Forget Your Previous Gigs

There is a reason why you left your former workplace for a new one. As such, avoid referring to your past workplaces. Yes, it might have had better facilities, but you are in a new environment now. If you have to borrow ideas from the workings of past workplaces, bring them on as new ideas, and not as ones you have used before.

If you have been hired a couple of times, by now you probably know the drill. If this is your first job, you are no doubt well equipped to handle being a new employee. Good luck!