How to Handle Career Goals that Change Frequently Over Time

The beauty of children is in their intuitive imagination. Their careers, if I should say so, largely revolve around healthy meals, playing with toys, parental love and staying happy. This can be attributed to the innocence they perceive the world with. At first glance, the world seems to be this heavenly bliss where they can be all they want to be, until they take that first walk, touch that beautiful yellow flame and so forth. Soon enough they realize that...

Every decision has it’s own set of consequences

Now let’s flash forward to our own careers this very day. Things have totally changed and challenges have kept on piling up. But here’s the catch. We’ve learn’t to adopt and survive by adjusting our goals in life once in a while to suit modern day challenges. But that wouldn’t be possible if we never faced the consequences of wrong career decisions. Most of which come with long term repercussions. Like, being motivated by mass hysteria to pursue certain career paths in higher education institutions. Soon enough, many of us found ourselves entrapped in a restless career streak coupled with lots of disappointments, not to mention the harsh reality that hot cake careers are EVERYONE’s secret these days. While some are still grappling with the dying utopia of university education, the prudent have learn’t that...

Change is not a Respecter of Persons

I’ll use my personal experience as an example. There’s this friend of mine upcountry that boast of so many academic accolades. He’s achieved so much education that he’s missed many of his graduations. But despite his immense credentials he’s yet to find a meaningful career . And he’s not the only one, there’s countless others that are either seated at home doing nothing or engaged in unfulfilling jobs just for the sake of it. To make matters worse, institutions are still churning out the very same skills that are irrelevant, obsolete and have already flooded the job market.

On the other hand, we’ve got people that lack higher education but are prospering so much because their careers have mainly been about their flexibility towards change. And because of that, they’re highly favoured by the rewards that come with it. So in essence, we cannot avoid the fact that some career goals are bound to change. And those that stubbornly stick to them are essentially disillusioned by hot air outdated promises.

How then does one handle Career Goals that Change Frequently Over Time?

#1 Be Predictive and Future Oriented

How will the job market be 10 yrs from now? Will machines replace you? Will job market pressure lead to total scrapment of your career? How about shifting to a different career within the same industry? Will the benefits outweigh the repercussions? Such questions challenge one to be prudent and avoid being caught by surprise when unprecedented job market turnover makes you a victim of mass panic. Plus, staying updated on the current happenings in the career world makes you exceptional. And that’s because you’re concerned about a greater future that goes beyond immediate career milestones that we habitually set everyday. So learn to embrace the risk of picturing your career. There’s no limit to how far you can risk being future oriented.

#2 Assess the Exclusiveness of your Goals over time

Besides looking into the future, your present circumstance also matters a great deal particularly when it comes to the uniqueness of your career decisions. Sometimes it’s wise to isolate yourself from popular advice because as long as it’s out there, it definitely has a large following and soon enough, your career decisions will be coupled by lots of competition. And as we all know, with much competition comes this disparaging feeling that you’re not so special after all. However, that doesn’t have to be the case as long as you frequently update the exclusiveness of your career goals. And in light of being predictive, stay informed about exclusive opportunities that might occur in future. In doing so, you’ll have substantially reduced chances of future job insecurity a great deal.

#3 Anchor your Goals with Concrete Life Ambitions

Besides career goals, we’ve got that dream in life that has never changed. Are your career goals acclimatising to that dream life? Well, that depends on how flexible your dreams in life are as well. While some prefer striking a balance between life and career goals, most prefer using their life goals and dreams as an anchor when it comes to re-adjusting career goals once in a while. Which I think is a great decision because one way or the other, you need a foundation. Or better still, you’ll need to stay focused on that light at the end of the tunnel. Otherwise, without an anchor, you’ll just drift through a career with goals that get more skewed and confusing over time.

Sometimes we focus so much on our goals in life, that we fail to realize whether we’ve changed for better or for worse. While some career goals might seem ambitious and all, there are those harsh truths hidden by the superficial glory that comes with them. As Henry David Thoreau once said, "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

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