How to Handle Disparaging Career Rhetoric

Ambition is a key factor that keeps us going irrespective of our goals and dreams in life. It’s what separates the average joes from the superachievers on various fronts. In an ideal world, ambitious characters are supposed to be appraised and applauded for their sense of meaningful purpose to outdo themselves beyond their wildest dreams. But unfortunately, in this reality we subscribe to, present situations are not ideal for ambitious people. In fact, your friends and loved ones are the people that are likely to belittle your ambitions in life by feeding you with disparaging career rhetoric.

So, what is Disparaging Career Rhetoric?
In essence, rhetoric tends to be persuasive and convincing. So when we talk of disparaging career rhetoric, we’re referring to a situation whereby someone gives you ’meaningful’ yet misplaced advice meant to convince you that your seemingly overambitious career goals and dreams aren’t worth it. In essence, this person is completely convinced that they’re helping you avoid hurting yourself with overambition. But in reality, what they’re doing is doubting your potential based on their reality. In fact, they might go as far as using scorning you when you seem unshakable. And so, they serve the purpose of unintentionally limiting your greatness with their seemingly sound advice that’s meant to make you look bad.

What triggers Disparaging Career Rhetoric?
Now that we’ve got a rough idea regarding disparaging career rehtoric and its sources, we now get to have deeper insight into what triggers many people to discourage us especially if they perceive us with limited potential. And if you observe keenly, you’ll realize that most of these people depict triggers such as:

  • The smokescreen of present situations and circumstances that they’re used to especially if they’ve settled for them as their ultimate reality.
  • A mob mentality which can be largely attributed to the ceiling of greatness they’ve set for themselves in their careers.
  • An average joe fear of success that they tend to deny.
  • A limited risk appetite that largely stems from an attitude that anticipates for guaranteed opportunities to be delivered on a silver platter.
  • Traditional and Misplaced superstitions regarding the rich and powerful.
  • Holding on to obsolete and formal career opinions outdated by the dynamics of modern career and job market trends.



How then Should we Handle Disparaging Career Rhetoric?
With the disparaging triggers in mind, we can now have a clear perspective as to how we should tackle disparaging career rhetoric. And so, in a bid to tackle this situation, you should:

#1 Handle your Career as Your Own Business
At this point, you are allowed to be selfish if that’s what it takes to fulfill your dreams. Even the rich and most successful people in life seem selfish when they live far away from civilization. And that’s because they know that excessive selflessness might make people take advantage of their vulnerabilities and keep them on their noose. So yes, let them handle their business and you on the other hand show them who’s the boss in your life.

#2 Get Rid of the Guilt that Stems from Potentially Offending some Individuals
The major guilt that limits the career potential of many people today largely stems from parental wrath so to speak. For instance, let’s say your strict parents compelled you to pursue a certain formal and well known career. But after graduation, you decided to pursue and odd yet fulfilling career path which of course was met by massive parental opposition. Then you’ll be left with no other choice but to deal with your guilt by informing your parents of your rights as an adult. Yes, from a religious and tradition perspective, that seems rebellious. But if you fail to confront this guilt, then you won’t get to enjoy a successful career that you so rightly deserve.

#3 Severe Disparaging ties that Obviously Feel Threatened By Your Potential
Amongst our disparaging sources are those who deliberately want to belittle us to stay at their level. This is particularly true from various fronts such as sibling rivalries, friendly ties and so forth. And as evil as it may sounds, many would be restless seeing you ascend to unprecedented career levels. In fact, it would give them the peace of mind they need to see you downtrodden and miserable. Shouldn’t that in itself make you offended and convinced enough to severe such disparaging ties?

#4 Avoid Discussing you Career Hopes and Dreams as Much as Possible
We all love to be encouraged and appreciated especially when we hope for great things in life. Unfortunately, some of our dreams are bad music to the ears of ardent pessimists who will go as far as devising obstacles to pull us down. And so, in as much as we would want to share our hopes and dreams with people, it’s also important to realize that some disparagers are like pigs that will trample on your precious diamonds. But when you surprise them, you not only avoid unnecessary confrontation, but you also get to peacefully savour the satisfaction of having believed in yourself and made it in life.

Some of us are currently pursuing our dreams despite massive discouragement and we’re not about to look back any time soon. And despite the fact that we’ve proven the disparaging sceptics wrong, many of them prefer to hold a grudge with us as if we owe them an apology. But no one is to blame for our own individual attitudes and opinions. Moreover, some sinister people would just love to see you average. As an anonymous tip once put it, "When someone is nasty or treats you poorly, don’t take it personally. It says nothing about you but a lot about them."

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