Handle Horrible Monday Blues With These Few Tips

Its Monday again! Oh no! With so many piles of work, five days to go to the weekend, boring meetings, hang over from the week end….you name it, how can the day be fun?

Yes it can. Look at a few practical solutions for Monday blues:

Dress your best

I had never discovered the connection between being positive and dress code, especially on Mondays. My best friend opened up my eyes just the other and when I tried it, alas! I found my solution. So nowadays I put on the best office outfits on Mondays, wear make-up, carry the best handbag in my closet and have the best hair-do. It sure works magic as it increases self-confidence as well as energy and eventually productivity. Try it also and bid Monday blues bye forever.

Wake up Early

I know you have heard the importance of waking up early over and over again. Well, you need to hear it once more if you are still struggling with Monday blues. If you are used to sleeping too late on Sunday nights, be sure to have difficult Mondays for as long as you work for someone or yourself. Change can be brought about through discipline and commitment to strict sleeping patterns that involve waking up early not only on Mondays but during all working days. Waking up early gives you time to organize your day well and achieve so much more than those who wake up late.

Help Out

The best way to stay happy and fulfilled is to make someone else happy. This applies to the workplace as well. There is always something you can do to your fellow colleagues or seniors that will put a smile on their faces. You could fix a cup of coffee in the morning or offer to help the cleaning woman with her chores during lunch or simply send an uplifting email to your rather downcast workmate. This truly goes a long way in making your day positive and easy.

Look Forward to Something

Every seemingly negative thing has a positive side to it. Carrying out lots of tasks and beating deadlines is definitely not something to look forward to. It’s even worse if you have a short-tempered boss who has no tolerance for mistakes and will make your life miserable if you piss him off. While this is true, there are a few things that are exciting in the workplace. These may include warm and caring friends, appraisal meetings, attending interesting conferences and travelling to exciting destinations for work. When you fix your mind on these things, Mondays will definitely become fun and much more positive.

Make Monday Evenings Special

Many people have plans for Friday nights as opposed to Monday evenings. However, if you can have a post-work plan for Monday, you will experience a total difference in the way you view the entire day. It all goes back looking forward to the evening. Therefore, set the evenings apart for dinner with your spouse or friends, cooking your best meal or going out for drinks. Be sure to catch your sleep early enough so you don’t get late for work on Tuesday.

Mondays are about to turn into Fridays or even better if we apply the few tips above. Decide to have easy and fun Mondays today and see every working day become positive and hence lead to job satisfaction and fulfillment.

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