How to Handle Multiple Jobs

In this day and age, more and more people are juggling multiple jobs or roles. Some work full-time for one company while offering part-time services to another. Others are not permanently attached to any company, but offer part-time services to different clients. Doing multiple jobs can be very rewarding, and it can also be quite stressful.

Advantages of handling multiple jobs:

  • It offers you the chance to increase your income.
  • It gives you the opportunity to learn new skills, which can significantly enhance your career growth.
  • Working two jobs exposes you to different responsibilities and new people. Therefore, you are less likely to get bored.
  • Having separate jobs gives you more financial security. If one job is terminated, you will still have a source of income from the other jobs.

The downsides of handling multiple jobs:

  • To be efficient in all your jobs, you need exceptional time management skills.
  • You might get overwhelmed by the workload, and thus end up performing poorly in your different roles.
  • Your employer might not allow you to engage in any freelance work, especially if you are employed on a full-time basis.

So how can you deal with the challenges related to working multiple jobs?

  • If you are employed, find out if the contractual terms of your job allow you to freelance or take a second job. In case you are not sure, you could consult your boss or the human resources department. Breaching your contract could result in immediate dismissal from your current job.
  • Find something that you really love. The more interested you are in your second job, the easier it will be to surmount the challenges.
  • Before committing yourself to a second job, you could consider first going through a ‘trial period’. Use this time to evaluate the job and determine if you really love it.
  • When working different jobs, it would be advisable to break up your day into segments. Allocate each job to one segment and give it 100% of your focus. This will enhance your chances of being productive.
  • Being overwhelmed by responsibilities can lead to burnout and other health complications. Therefore, as you work multiple jobs, be sure to set aside time for relaxation and exercise. In addition, you need to make time for your family.
  • Transition from one job to another is not easy, more so when the tasks differ significantly. For example, you might work in a factory full-time, and then have to dress up to lecture students in the evening. This transition would be more manageable if you take a break in a neutral place such as a café.
  • To stay competitive in your different roles, you need to make time for personal development. This will allow you to update your skills on a regular basis, as well as keep up with the trends.

Even though it opens up new opportunities, working two jobs can present a wide range of challenges. However, when managed properly, its negative effects can be significantly minimized.


Image: iStock