How to Handle the Situation if Your Employer Cuts Your Hours

With the current downturn in the economy, there is an increased likelihood that employers may cut employees’ hours for those people with hourly or part-time positions. According to David Weliver, from, “reduced hours are affecting young workers more than any other age group.” Good jobs are hard to come by these days. So, if your hours are cut, your options may seem limited. Should you search for a new job? Should you stay at your current position and seek part-time work? Mr. Weliver provided some helpful tips in his recent article regarding how to “try to win some hours back.” This article will discuss those tips and provide some resources.

Steps to Take if Your Hours are Cut

1. Flexibility is Important

Your employer is seeking reliable employees who are able to be flexible and available. If you want to gain back some hours, it is vital that you showcase your flexibility to your boss. Of course, as Mr. Weliver advises, it’s not the best idea to skip one of your college classes if you want to pick up an extra shift. However, if there is nothing pressing, then accept any extra shifts when you can. For example, if you had originally taken the weekends off for social reasons, then make yourself available if your boss offers you hours on those days. Remember that there are colleagues in the same situation as you. Find ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Another option Mr. Weliver mentioned is that if your employer has multiple locations, volunteer to work at one of the other offices. Take steps to learn how to become flexible and open to change.  

2. Be Proficient at Your Job

Try not to take this situation personally. Rather than lay off several employees, employers often opt to cut everyone’s hours instead. Of course, this situation negatively impacts everyone’s budget. However, don’t be hesitant to look out for yourself. Mr. Weliver advised that “you must do excellent work, show enthusiasm, and go above and beyond.” If you haven’t already, it is important that you continue to be proficient in your job performance. This is not the time to be humble either. Make certain that your boss is aware of the work you’re doing. According to Mr. Weliver, “if you stand out among your peers at work, you’ll be first in line when hours come back.” In order to become more proficient at your job, you need to measure your employee productivity level.

3. Be Persistent Each Day

In this type of situation, it is vital that you don’t assume that your employer knows that you are seeking more hours. According to Mr. Weliver, your employer may simply assume that everyone is fine with the cutbacks and is accepting the situation. Of course, you should never harass your boss regarding the cut hours. However, Mr. Weliver advised that you should “tell your boss regularly that you’re looking for extra hours and slide it into the conversation whenever you can.” has a great resource on how to be assertive without being too aggressive.

4. Think Outside the Box

Anything that you can do to positively stand out in your boss’ eyes will help you in your endeavor. Learn how to become creative and think outside the box. Take a look at your current job description to ascertain whether or not there are any new projects you could work on. If you think of something new and exciting which may be profitable for your employer, be sure to share it with your manager or boss. This new project can mean more hours for you to work. has a helpful article sharing 11 ways to think outside the box.

If you had your hours cut by your employer, there are some proactive steps that you can take to handle the situation. The first step begins with being flexible and available when your employer has extra hours to offer. Work diligently at becoming proficient at your job. Acknowledge the fact that it is fine for you to be respectfully persistent in asking your employer for more hours. Learn how to think outside the box and be creative. 


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