How to Handle the Stress of Working a Commission-Based Sales Job

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There are both benefits and disadvantages to working a commission-based sales job. The main benefits are time freedom, early retirement and the possibility of an infinitely rewarding income. The disadvantages are that it usually takes an investment of time to see any high income return. Additionally, a commission only job means that you are paid a percentage of the sales that you make and you do not receive a regular salary. Such a job can lead to a high stress situation. This article will address how to handle the stress of working in this type of a sales job.

Steps on Handling the Stress

There are several steps that you can take in regard to effectively handling the stress of working a commission-based job. Those steps are discussed below.

1. Reconfirm Your Employment Plan

Not everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit and a defiant determination to succeed at all costs, no matter what obstacles you need to overcome. If you want to survive and succeed while working a commission-based job, you need to have that entrepreneurial spirit coursing through your body and exuding from your daily perspective on life. If you don’t, working this type of job will soon become more of a hassle than an adventure to enjoy. So, the first step toward handling the stress with this job is to reconfirm your employment plan. Evaluate whether or not you have that entrepreneurial spirit. Be honest in your evaluation. You may want to continue in this job, but if you don’t have the right perspective, you’ll have more stress than success. Only you can make the final decision on how you’d like to proceed.

2. Develop Your Self-Confidence Level

The second step involves developing your self-confidence level. Many times, sales professionals have stress in their jobs because they are not succeeding in making sales. Developing your self-confidence level can help you to successfully close more deals and earn more commissions. There are several ways to develop your personal confidence level and they are listed below.

  • Read books by industry professionals like David Woods and Tony Robbins.
  • Learn how to approach customers when starting a sales pitch or discussion.
  • Practice makes perfect – simply work the business daily and make progress.

3. Build Your Support System

One important way to relieve your stress when you work a commission-based job is to receive genuine support from your spouse, partner or those closest to you. If your spouse is not on board with your employment situation, that can detract from your success rate and increase your stress level. For example, your spouse may not appreciate that you are living solely off of commissions rather than a steady weekly or biweekly paycheck. Having to deal with the dissatisfaction level of your spouse, will make your work situation more difficult to handle. In order to decrease your stress level, you first need to get your spouse on board with your current commission-based job or you need to find another one in order to save your marriage! Additionally, sharing your stress level with your manager or team leader will help you to succeed. This individual is supposed to help you better manage your sales work and assist when you have issues. A high stress level qualifies as an issue.

4. Evaluate Your Financial Plan

This final step involves evaluating your current financial plan. Obviously, if there is a high stress level in your life concerning your commission-based job, you need to evaluate whether or not you need to supplement with part-time employment that is salary-based. Additionally, it may be time to actually seek out full-time work that is salary-based and leave the commission-based sales job. However, if sales work truly is your passion, you may be able to find ways to continue with the job and budget differently and spend less. This is a decision that you need to make after careful evaluation of your situation. Review your current budget and ascertain your expenses versus your income and where you may be falling short. Again, be honest in this financial review. Then you can make an informed decision on how to proceed. Remember the following tips:

  • Always stick to your monthly budget.
  • Find ways to save, even if only a small weekly amount.
  • When you receive more commissions, don’t spend it all – save for the future down-time.

You may not have a choice with regard to keeping your commission-based sales job. Maybe you need to keep it because no other salaried employment is available. If that is the case, meet with your manager regarding ways to increase your sales level so you can earn more commissions. If you can quit or take on part-time salaried employment, then you will have less stress as more consistent income is coming in. Regardless of the situation, it is important to relieve the stress level in your life. Follow the four steps as outlined in this article to effectively handle the stress of working a commission-based job.