How to Handle Two Jobs and Still Stay Healthy

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Handling two jobs at the same time can be strenuous given the number of hours you spend on your feet at your desk figuring out work-related problems. You may consequently get less than the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep, resulting in short-or long-term health effects. It’s however possible to adopt a number of practices and handle two jobs productively without experiencing health complications that can drain your savings through hefty medical bills.

Eat Healthy

Boost your strength and immunity by taking up healthy eating habits. Eat high-fiber content foods because they make you fill fuller for longer and stop cravings for snacks and fast food delicacies, which may bring about hypertension, nervous disorders or cardiac ailments. Base your diet on carbohydrates, a lot of vegetables, fruits, proteins and fat-free dairy foods with a bit of salt or sugar to nourish your body.

Perform Various Workplace Exercises

Steer off ergonomic problems that include muscle tightness or clumsiness sparked by coordination disorders. Perform simple office exercises, such as tensing and stretching your shoulder muscles by moving your head backwards, to the front and then side to side a couple of times. Forget the lift and make the stairs your companion in office aerobic exercises. Prevent spinal cord complications and back pains using workplace workouts, which stop you from hunching over your work desk when reading, writing or using a computer.

Draw a Realistic Work Schedule

Write a realistic work schedule comprising of long or short breaks between the two jobs depending on how tired you’re feeling on a given day after the first shift. Use the breaks to take a shower whenever possible as this leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated enough to burn the midnight oil longer. Apply natural oils with the ability to offer you protection against skin ailments brought on by long working hours, especially if your day time shift involves energy-intensive manual roles. Designate enough time for sleep to prevent sleep-related complications that interrupt the body’s circadian rhythm and builds into acute sleeping disorders, such as insomnia.

Obtain Sufficient Training for Both Jobs

Learn how to go about the technical aspects of each job efficiently by going through a detailed training program. This enables you to save time and handle your duties with utmost perfection. Know the work of each machine and its calibrations. The knowledge guides you in stepping up your productivity without compromising your safety at the workplace. Make use of adjustable trolleys, for example, to evenly balance a load’s weight or a paddle holder to steer off extreme stretching which may harm your joints, back, arm or leg muscles.

Drink a lot of water. Avoid long-term effects of dehydration such as kidney stones. Stay away from too much coffee and energy drinks as they temper with your normal sleep pattern. Pick your second job based on age, gender and level of physical fitness. Turn down any job combination arrangement that may end up breaking you instead of building your social, health and financial standing.