Happy Pancake Day!

Stop laughing it’s a thing, look it up! So in celebration of a day that celebrates the noble pancake here is a list of the craziest and tastiest pancake recipes.

#1 Crepes

F*ck off Frenchy with your laughably flat stack with fruit on it.

#2 Summer Squash Pancakes with Creamy Goat Cheese Dressing

What Kind of Hippie crap is this?!!

#3 Apple Pie Pancakes with Vanilla Maple Syrup.

That’s a little more like it, very All American, so sweet it would put a diabetic in a coma. Exactly what breakfast food should do!

#4 Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Just like above, nothing says ‘Merica like a trip to the mall and 15.000 calories worth of butter, flour, eggs and sugar glazing. But for breakfast and without the mall.

#5 Bacon Pancakes

This recipe comes from one of the fattest cities in the United States Chicago! Well, at least it should be as its famously home to Deep Pan Pizza, Chicago Hotdogs (ketchup need not apply) and these Bacon Pancakes.

#6 Potato Pancakes

Ukraine is famous across the world for its pancakes…No, it’s not! Because it makes them with potato, WTF Ukraine?

#7 Beer and Brown Sugar Pancakes

Drink the beer then eat your pancakes and bacon. Feeds 2 but if you’re a real man you’ll eat it all. I’m joking you actually put the beer into the batter. Sounds delectable…also known as Mancakes

#8 Banana and Egg ‘Pancake’

Are you kidding me?!!! This a banana omelet, who does this joker think he’s trying to trick?

#9 Cricket Flour Pancakes

Dried out crickets that are then ground down into a fine flour and you make them into these delectable pancakes!

#10 Blood Pancakes

A recipe that would make any ghoul giggle with joy. Originally a Nordic dish, because what would be more Viking Death Metal than a breakfast food that features 400 ml of blood as its primary ingredient.

#11 Bloody Mary Pancakes

No blood in this one, sorry to disappoint you Mephistopheles, but still involves something that you use post regret. On the other hand, it must be like hangover Kryptonite, combining two hangover cures like Bloody Marys and Pancakes.

#12 Vegemite Pancakes

Ok, granted it’s used as a topping but if you have ever tried vegemite you’ll understand why I’m bending the rules here. For anyone that hasn’t tried that tar-ish concoction, it tastes like a demon that swallowed an oil spill (dead fish and all), and then evacuated the full contents of his bowels into a cute little yellow jar. Australians love it though, go figure.

#13 7-Up or Sprite Pancakes

This last one comes courtesy of our Editor in Chief here at CareerAddict. Apparently it’s one of those recipes that catch you off guard, first you’re like: “What the Hell?!!!” then you’re like: “Hmmmm this isn’t bad…are you sure you put [insert illogical ingredient here]?”

Do you have any horrifying or surprising pancake recipes that I should add to my list? Let me know in the comment section below!