How to Have an International Lunch at Work

Are you bored of having the same sandwhich everyday? Here are 5 International dishes that are easy to cook and which can be taken to work in a tupperware container...

1. Viva la Italia: Tortellini Salad

Looking for a quick and tasty recipe? Try tortellini salad! It takes only one moment to get it ready. If you add nuts, it is delicious.

2. 1001 Nights and Tabbouleh

The tabbouleh or taboulet is an Arab dish, and also is one of the best recipes to take to work. This dish can be left overnight resting so that it is ready for your lunch at work the very next day! Also try adding dried figs and dates!

3. A flavour of Spain: Potato and Bacon Salad

Potato salad is a great lunch dish that keeps well in a tupperware container. This recipe is very simple and accepts many variants, for example, with a few slices of cucumber.

4. A taste of Germany: Falafel

These burgers of German origin, also called "frikadellen" or falafel, are made ​​from chickpeas and are a very tasty and easy option to make for your lunch. It can be eaten cold, hot, on its own, in a muffin bread with lettuce and cucumber sauce, or dipped in yogurt - the possibilities are endless!

5. VIVA MEXICO!: Burritos

Burritos are perfect to take to work. They are good with everything: vegetables, chicken strips, tuna ... My advice: get a couple of friends to make burritos too, invite them over and share your dishes!

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