How to Have More Fun at Work

Have you ever been to an office that looked so gloomy you thought it was a ghost town?

Undoubtedly, no one desires to work in such a workplace. We all want to have fun as we get tasks completed. However, with firms embracing culturally diverse workforces, employees from different backgrounds are finding a hard time getting along with each other. To make it worse, some workers are too busy trying to please the boss, make life more difficult for the fun-lovers.

How do you beat such fun-inhibiting obstacles and make each work day more exciting? Find out below;

More work, more laughter

Professionalism is not all about reporting to work on time and concentrating on your job all day long. It is also about taking time to identify what makes you colleagues smile. Employers should create workplace policies that allow workers to take it easy and share a laugh. Remember, happier employees will help your make more money!

Crack the right jokes

It’s okay to be the funniest guy in the office or that person that lights up the workplace. You should, however, crack the right jokes. Don’t get too personal. Although some jokes can be extremely funny, be careful not to get caught up in the laughter and end up sharing inappropriate joke that can humiliate a colleague.

Liven up the meetings

Meetings are a corporate necessity. They are not going to go away anytime soon. If you are working on a project with several meetings, focus on making them lively. You can, for instance, propose the meetings to be held in a spacious room, where attendees can clown around. Playing some classic music before the meeting starts can help get everyone in the right mood. If you are the project leader, surprise everyone by making the meetings brief!

Embrace the fun

Some workers are too stern-faced and rigid to recognise jokes. Natural humor can only be the biggest icebreaker if your embrace it whole heartedly. When someone shares a joke, make it count. Be ready to smile and laugh like your boss just said he is travelling out of town!

Involve the customers

Customers can help make workplaces more fun. For example, professionals working in supermarkets can make their workplace more interesting by giving customers fun items, such as clown toys. Seeing a customer smile not only makes you happier, but also helps establish stronger customer relationships.

Make the staffroom the fun room

Staff rooms are quite common in school systems. If you are a head teacher, it’s high time you watered down the seriousness associated with this room. You can start a joke board, where teachers can unwind by posting jokes and funny pictures. This way, laughter will forever reside in the staffroom.

Make the office cozier

Cozy offices are useful, particularly for work-at-home employees. Because you might not have someone to share a joke with, getting comfy is all you need. Apart from having the right furniture, you can place pictures of your loved ones on the work desk, or favourite rock band on the wall. With these, you are able to achieve a laid back ambience that allows you to work harder, while feeling at ease.

Now you can go and make the fun!


Image Sourced: Business Insider