How to Have the Perfect Workday

They say that perfection is overrated, but is that really true when it comes to your work life? Think about it. You spend more time at the office than you do at home with your loved ones or your cat, and work-related stress has the power to really mess up your health. So you should definitely be trying to make your time spent sitting at your desk as perfect and enjoyable as possible. Just consider this: the more perfect days at the office you have, the more you’ll love your job, the happier you’ll be, and the more chances you’ll have to totally impress your boss. Read on to find out how to have the perfect workday.

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1. Eat a Healthy Carb-Filled Breakfast

We all love carbs. Who doesn’t love a crusty croissant or slice of freshly baked bread? But, unfortunately, those kinds of carbs – the refined, white flour and sugar kind – don’t love us back. Instead, start your day with healthy carbs and you’ll be ready to have an amazing workday. That means forcing yourself to enjoy carbs made with whole grains because, well, fiber is your friend. Maybe even your BFF. Sit down to a bowl of oatmeal topped with fruit and peanut butter, or get on board with the avocado toast trend and enjoy some whole wheat bread. Your mom was right, after all: the key to a good day is to have a good breakfast.

2. Get to the Office Early

Sorry to break it to you, but stumbling into the office 10 minutes late like you do every single day isn’t going to allow you to have the perfect workday. Instead, try something totally crazy and get to work early. An hour might be too much for you if you’re not typically a morning person, but even just being 10-15 minutes earlier can help you answer some of those pesky emails that seem never-ending and to get super organized for the day ahead.

3. Know When to Be Social

Some offices are more social than others, and it’s all about whether you enjoy the company of your coworkers or fantasize about getting them fired (hey, we all do it). But you can’t have a perfect day if you can’t balance work and play (or, um, talking to the guy sitting next to you). Ask your work BFF to grab a coffee mid-morning or make sure you have lunch in the break room. You’ll be amazed at how much your mental health improves when you don’t act like a total lone wolf at the office.

4. Take Frequent Breaks

You can’t just stare at your computer for eight hours straight and call it a perfect day. Experts say that you should be taking a break from whatever you’re working on every 52 minutes. You don’t have to be quite that strict, but taking two to three breaks during your workday is a good idea. You’ll return to your desk energized and in a much better mood.

5. Chat with Your Boss

You don’t have to suck up to your boss (although you can, of course), but you should definitely try to get some face time with him in order to consider it a totally perfect day. Ask for an impromptu performance review (just make sure you have the necessary thick skin for this) or pitch them an idea for something you’ve wanted to work on since forever. You’ll be much more inspired after this little chat and will get some helpful feedback that you can start working on ASAP.

6. Try Something New

Fifty Shades of Grey

Sure, your idea of perfection at the office might be doing the same thing you do every day of the week, but that’s pretty boring, right? Why not shake things up and try something new? It can’t be a good day at work if you don’t learn something. Even just asking your coworker who works in a different department to tell you about their latest project counts because the new information will totally challenge your brain.

7. Don't Sit on Your Butt all Day Long

Of course, you have to actually work during the day (bummer, I know) and can’t exactly take off and work out for two hours straight. That would definitely be the dream. But that doesn’t mean your butt has to be literally chained to your desk chair. Make time to get some movement in throughout the day. For something really crazy yet crazy effective, try standing for the majority of the day. Sure, your colleagues and boss might think you’re nuts, but you’ll probably convince them that standing and working is an awesome idea. Everyone’s freaking out about the so-called sitting disease anyway, so you’re going to do something awesome for your health. You’ll be amazed at how much more energetic and focused you feel when you’re not slumped down in a chair.

8. Pack Some Snacks

Forget your usual vending machine raid at 3pm. You need to snack throughout the day to stay awake but that doesn’t mean stuffing your face with candy and chocolate and pretzels (delicious as those are). Experts say it’s a good idea to have two snacks. Fruit, almond butter, whole-grain crackers, carrot sticks, and low-fat cheese are always a good idea. Bring a bunch of healthy options to work with you, and mix and match throughout the day. Try one snack in the morning and another mid-afternoon. You can’t have a perfect day if your stomach is growling super loudly the whole time.

9. Do Something for Yourself

There are always parts of your job that you don’t like, but there must be some aspect of your position that makes your heart sing because you enjoy it so much. Maybe it’s something creative like writing or a task that lets your inner nerd out. Whatever it is, make sure you do it for at least an hour. You can’t do boring work all day long – that’s basically a crime. No matter how crazy busy you are, you can always find an hour (just get off Facebook and you’ll find the time).

10. Organize an After-Work Event

Happiness is having something to look forward to, and if it’s career-related, even better. For the best workday ever, plan for you and your coworkers (and maybe even your boss, depending on how cool they are) to go to an event or seminar or workshop that has something to do with your industry. You’ll all learn something while bonding. That sure beats going home and lying down on the couch with pizza and Netflix, doesn’t it?

11. Ask for Something More

It can’t be a perfect eight hours if you don’t get something in return (other than the satisfaction of a job well done, of course). Whether you want to request a raise or suggest that you’d like to put yourself in the running for a promotion is totally up to you. It could even be as simple as you asking for some more responsibility. What’s important is that you have your eyes and ears tuned to your career goals.

Want to have the best day at work? With this how-to guide, you know how exactly to do just that. Why not follow these steps and make every single day your most perfect workday? Make sure to eat some healthy snacks, talk to your boss, socialize a bit, and get excited about your job.

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