Have Traditional Resumes Died?

The trend of sending a standard resume is slowly becoming extinct. As recruiters, we have noticed a huge shift in the type of resumes created and the style of content they include. With job seekers pushing the creative boundaries of video CVs, inforgraphic resumes and creating physical products to showcase their talents, it appears the traditional resume is on its way out.

Why have resumes become so stale?

In today’s media hungry and social savvy world, the standard 2 page resume has become known as a stifled, lazy and unimaginative attempt at showcasing skills and work history. In this day and age, we recruiters expect so much more from our competitive candidates! With the growth of social media combined with the heated competition for each job vacancy on the marketplace, we are not able to expect big things from job seekers, and those who cannot impress us in their job application, are simply not good enough to progress to an interview.

Reasons to keep accepting traditional resumes:

  • They offer a clear perspective on a candidates work history and skills
  • It shows the applicant has taken the time to write 2 pages worth of tailored content
  • Many individuals are qualified for the job but do not have the means to design a ‘fancy’ resume
  • Traditional resumes are easier to manage with excel databases

Beyond the standard page

Video resumes have taken off in the recruitment industry, with many candidates displaying their skills and talents through channels such as YouTube. In addition, social media profiles are being set up by eager job seekers for the sole purpose of highlighting the fact they are available and ready to work! There is also a trend developing whereby job seekers who do not possess the right design skills to create impressive resumes are hiring designers to create a resume for them.

The future of resumes


Although the standard 2 page resume has become less popular with the younger job seeker market, it is still going strong with the older, experienced generations. Creative resume formats will likely grow in popularity and as such, we as recruiters will soon come to expect the most creative of resumes as a standard job application; but it is vital that we do not disregard the traditional resume.