Help! I am being Bullied by my Colleagues!

Workplace bullying is one of the most common problems faced by individuals working in a professional environment. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a weathered worker, there will be people at work who will openly despise you and make your life difficult. If you feel that you are being victimized, it is imperative that you address the situation as the lack of action can lead to unproductivity, low morale and dissatisfaction.

The following are different types of bullies you will encounter. It is vital that you recognize and address the issue before it has a detrimental effect on your performance:

The Insecure Superior

This colleague is used to being superior to everyone, and any new employee poses to be a threat to their position. Insecurity resonates through their character as they go out of their way to make each employee’s life difficult.

Whether this colleague attempts to intimidate you through criticizing your work or by forming an alliance with others, it is advised to stand your ground and refuse to give up. Keep trying hard as their insecurity lies in you performing well.

The Unlikely Bully

Ah, the unlikely bully is the most deadly of them all. This colleague will appear to be your friend and try to get close to your, however their best interest lies in their own motives. Be careful of unlikely bullies as they will use information you provide them to go against you.

Make sure you do not gossip about other colleagues and don’t participate in spreading rumors. Unlikely bullies want to make themselves appear better in front of others, often being the sweet individual in the office – but when they want they will turn on you and use your words against you. Stay away!

The Jealous Coworker

The green eyed monster is likely to follow you around at work – especially if you as a threat to others. Jealous coworkers are not only detrimental to your career, but can have a negative effect on your personality.

Whether the jealousy is stemmed in your work progression, your popularity in the office, your new promotion or anything else, it is important to steer clear of jealous coworkers. This type of bullying involves jeopardizing your progress and performance by creating obstacles in your work. 




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