Help! Work is Taking Over my Life!

Working 40 hours a week can often take a toll on your body and mind. It is imperative that you set some time aside and take a mental break from it all. Many people have the capacity to let their work life seep into their personal life, thus distracting them from their family, hobbies and personal time. It is highly advised that full-time workers make the effort to strike a balance between your work-life to ensure that you are a motivated and happy individual.

Those people who let work take over their life are more prone to depression, health issues and stress-related problems. The following are some ways to balance your work-life:

Exercise Regularly

Sitting at your desk for 8-9 hours a day is hardly a healthy choice. Individuals who stay at their desk during lunch hours are more likely to be stressed and depressed. Therefore it is advised to take a break and make a point to leave the office for at least 20-25 minutes. How about a walk around the block? This is the minimum you have do to keep your body active and your mind refreshed.

Plan ‘Me’ Time

While it may appear impossible, organize a specific time for yourself to be alone. Even small things such as a pedicure or cycling can help you clear your mind and get away from both home and work life. The best way to find time to spend alone is to plan it, inform your family members/spouse that you need some ‘me’ time and get away from work. If you are feeling adventurous, why not plan a spa weekend?

Switch Off

After your leave your office at the end of the day, make a conscious effort to switch off your mind and not think about work. This can be difficult for workaholics and those in high-pressure job, but it is vital for your well-being. Set yourself a time limit or a place, for example: ‘After I pass this traffic light, I won’t think about work’ or ‘No work talk after 6pm’.