Henry Rollins on Success

Henry Rollins is a multi-talented renaissance man, a musician, publisher, comedian, radio host, actor, television host, writer, comedian and activist. He doesn’t have a formal education and although he had humble beginnings he got a break. His break came in the form of an audition for Black Flag, which made him lead singer of the band.

The first video I present here, is a little introduction, Rollins perspective on his own life. The next video speaks about adversity, overcoming obstacles and motivation. Hard work and discipline, trump societal status, money and affluence. He speaks of one-mindedness, about adhering close to your goals with the mania a mother holds her child that is being taken away from her.

The final video speaks about morality and socially consciousness, even in the face of difficulties. He speaks of the value of preserving a high moral personal standard and through that inspiring others. Rollins even says that if you keep yourself at a moral north, you can lead through your social consciousness, altruism and selflessness. Attempt to be the type of person you would like to hang out with and not run away from.

What is struggle, why do we do it? Do we inherit a need to punish ourselves? Or is because every single time we struggle, the struggle becomes less because we become stronger? The more struggle we overcome the stronger we become. If we stick with it.