Here’s How Much You’ll Get Paid To Live In Paradise

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Wouldn’t you like to get paid for doing what you love and at the place you love? Well, imagine working in paradise. Learn what it feels like to do so.

Don’t you want to find a job that allows you to be yourself, wear what you want and spend your time doing what you love? If job satisfaction is closely linked to your work environment, then it makes sense you’d want to choose a career that allows you to work where you want whether that’s the beach, the mountains, or some exotic environment you never thought you able to visit, let alone stay.

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If you are still wondering what would be your ideal profession based on where you want to spend your time, check out this list of jobs prepared by Forbes and find your best match.

#1 Waterskiing Instructor

It might be a good idea to become a waterskiing / wakeboarding instructor if your first love is the beach and you enjoy being as close to the water as possible. As a waterskiing / wakeboarding instructor, you will be working in your favourite habitat, and having fun at the same time. Of course, being good at waterskiing and wakeboarding is a requirement. But as long as you meet these minimum requirements there is nothing stopping you from living in your own water filled paradise and earning an annual salary of roughly $31,000.

#2 Park Ranger

As a park ranger, you will be responsible for protecting and supervising designated outdoor areas such as national parks. You will need to make sure that visitors are respecting the natural environment and following the appropriate regulations. This job is ideal for you if you love being close to nature and enjoy looking at beautiful views. According to Indeed, the annual salary is roughly $35,000.

#3 Chef

There is a reason you spend so much time in the kitchen. Either you love eating food, or you like cooking it. If the kitchen is your own personal paradise, why haven’t you considered of becoming a chef and preparing gourmet meals in high-end luxury restaurants? If you are into exotic cuisine, even better. Perhaps you could move to the Caribbean islands and cook for the locals. Depending on where you work and your position you could earning anything from $18,000 to $70,000 per year.

#4 Ski Instructor

Can’t wait to get back on the slopes? Well, if you love being around snow so much perhaps you should become a ski instructor. Have you ever imagined yourself living in the mountains and going skiing every day? If this sounds like a life you would enjoy, it comes with an annual salary of roughly $31,000.

#5 Real Estate Photographer


Street photography has become so mainstream that perhaps it’s time to reconsider your true calling. If it doesn’t bring in as much money as you hoped, you can try out your luck as a real estate photographer. Apparently the profession pays quite well – roughly $38,000 annually, and you get to take pictures of luxury houses, buildings and businesses for people who want to sell/rent their properties.  

#6 Blackjack Dealer

Being a blackjack dealer sounds like fun. If you like playing cards, and you think that you are spending too much of your time and money in casinos, perhaps you should to use your time more productively and become a blackjack dealer. Even though the annual salary isn’t that great compared to other professions on this list - $20,000 and tips, at least, you will get to work at your favourite place.

#7 Casino Manager

If you are a talented and ambitious dealer, then you should be able to climb the casino career ladder and become a manager. The annual salary is roughly $67,000 which is not bad for someone who can spend the whole day at the casino.

#8 Oceanographer

Do you think you would enjoy exploring the ocean? If you have a science degree and are a water lover, then you would enjoy being an oceanographer. As an oceanographer, you will get to study and help preserve the wonders of the ocean and spend a lot of time underwater – which is like being in an entirely different world. Not only does the job sound like great fun, but it also pays well. The annual salary for this profession is roughly $81,000.

#9 Landscaper

It is hard to get bored when you are a landscaper. As a landscaper, you will be working outdoors and be responsible for creating and decorating beautiful sceneries. You could make the surroundings of a building or a house beautiful and create a pleasant environment for those who are in it. Earnings in this profession aren’t very high - $24,000 but the job itself can be quite rewarding.

#10 Architect

As an architect, you get to create your own paradise. As long as you have the appropriate skills, knowledge and training you can create unique buildings and designs that can help make a city beautiful. It also pays quite well, especially if you are working on large projects with an annual salary of roughly $102,000.

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So what is it going to be? Would you rather become a chef or an oceanographer? Let me know in the comments section below…