How to Hide a Hangover at Work

You should know by now that going out for “just a couple of drinks” never, ever works. One round becomes two and two rounds become three and before you know it, you’re a lot tipsier than you should be on a school night.

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The trouble is that you have to pay the consequences the next day in the form of a headache, a dry mouth and terrible stomach. You shouldn’t  really pull a sicky, if the damage is self-inflicted. You might need the cash or have stuff to take care of at work anyway. So, you have to drag your hungover ass to work.

It happens to the best of us. According to a survey from Blowfish, around 50% of Americans have been hungover in work. But although you’re not alone in your struggle, it’s not really professional to appear hungover at work. That’s why you need to learn how to hide the after effects of a heavy night.

1. The Night Before

It seems obvious, but when you’re a bit drunk you want to just pass out and pretend that tomorrow won’t happen. It might seem like a huge effort, but you will feel so much better the next day if you have a big glass of water, have something to eat, brush your teeth and wash your face before bed. Get as much sleep as you possibly can at this point, so you’re not too bleary-eyed the next day.

2. Get the Horrible Boozy Smell Off You

The alcohol will be oozing from your pores when you get up in the morning, and to be honest you’ll just stink. Smelling like a brewery will certainly give you away, so you need to clean up. Even if you got lucky that night, make time to go home, shower, get some clean clothes, apply a little perfume or aftershave (not too much) and equip yourself with some mints.

3. Use Make-Up


Your eyes are all puffy and you’ve got big horrible bags which will make you look very rough if you don’t sort it out. Remove all crusty remnants of last night’s make-up and start with a clean canvas. Concealer is your best friend at this point. Clear up those bags and use this top tip: put a dab of concealer on the inside of each eye to make you look more awake.

4. Don't Tell Anyone

You definitely don’t want the news of last night’s debauchery and the state you’re in today, to make its way to your boss. So, only tell the people you trust (probably other drunks like you) how you’re feeling. Because you will definitely need some sympathy to get you through the day. But make sure you avoid the office blabbermouth at all costs.

5. Eat and Drink

Hungover coffee

Essentially the best way to hide your hangover is to get rid of it. Drink lots of fluids to rehydrate. Sports drinks that contain electrolytes are particularly good as they replace the minerals that you’ve lost. You’ll want to seem alert at work too, so a coffee might help. And when it comes to food, just make sure you get something inside of you, even if it’s something small and plain. You feel pukey now, but you’ll feel worse if you don’t eat anything.

6. Embarrassing Photos

Embarrassing photo

The last thing you need is hard evidence of your crunk behaviour. Sites like Facebook could get you into a lot of trouble with your, so far, unsuspecting boss. If they see you sprawled out on the floor like a drunken idiot you’re obviously going to be found out.

7. Get Some Fresh Air

This is definitely the best thing to do if you start to feel really ill. You need to get out of the stuffy environment that’s making you feel like ass- at least for a little while. You’ll get away from all of the people that are contributing to your headache by yammering around you. Fresh air will also help with the nausea and wake you up a bit.

8. Head to the Bathroom


This is going to sound really gross but it’s the harsh reality of having a hangover. If you need to puke or have other stomach-related problems, head to the bathroom as soon as possible. There’s no point just sitting there feeling uncomfortable. Nobody wants to see you heaving at your desk my friend. When you get a chance head to the pharmacy to see if you can find any medication to help with your symptoms, such as painkillers or something to settle your stomach.

9. Throw Yourself Into Your Work

This is probably the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling like shit. But it’s so easy to feel sorry for yourself when you have a hangover. Right now you’re sitting there with the same phrases going around in your head, “Why did I get that last drink?” and “God I feel so sick,” etc. This will only make you feel worse, and when you feel worse, your hangover will be more obvious to those around you. But if you try your hardest to concentrate on something you might start to forget how shitty you’re feeling (and look) Plus, the day will go quicker and you’ll be back home and in bed before you know it.

10. Take a Nap During Lunch Hour

Alcohol disturbs your sleep so you will feel absolutely knackered. By the time the afternoon rolls around you’ll start to feel yourself lagging and your energy zapped. Why not find a place to take a little snooze? You might want to head somewhere a bit more private for your nap though. Maybe a local park or coffee shop could be the place. You might look like a homeless person, but who cares? You’re hungover and you need sleep!

11. Feign Some Other Illness

I personally can’t lie, but if people start noticing your horrendous hangover you might want to make up some excuse or tell a white lie. Something along the lines of, “I ate some bad sushi,” might do the trick. I mean, a hangover is not worth losing your job over. You made a mistake, so a white lie just this once isn’t too bad, and you probably won’t want to re-live the hangover from hell anyway... until next week.

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Was it worth it? I suppose that depends on the severity of your hangover and how horrible your next day was. Maybe you just need to experiment to find out how many beers you can actually have without feeling like crap the next day.

The truth is, though, that we always think hangovers are going to be much worse than they are. That initial groggy feeling when you wake up in the morning soon fades if you get up and get going. And it’s not that difficult to hide it from your boss and thus prevent yourself from getting fired (well at least for now). Just get yourself cleaned up and deal with it!

Have you ever been hungover at work? How did you hide it from your boss? Share your tips and experience in the comments section below.




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