Highest Paid Nurses in the US


Nursing is the largest workforce in the healthcare system which is experiencing aggressive growth in its intake. This spurt has been seen since nurses started to assume duties that were normally delegated to doctors or specialists.

This field offers one of the most secure form of employment and depending on one’s experience and field of specialization, it offers one of the best available remuneration.

The highest paying fields in nursing are based on the annual salary and industry demand, they also require the highest level of education and training compared to other fields of nursing.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist CRNA

This field of nursing commands an annual salary of $150,000 thus making it the highest paying field in nursing. CRNA’s often earn additional bonuses of between $10,000 and $20,000 thus making the field extremely lucrative.  One can be a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist if he or she is a registered nurse (RN) and decides to partake a graduate education program for CRNA.

CRNA’s form an integral part of the surgery team always at hand to help specialists in performing some complicated forms of surgery. They mostly work in areas of anesthesiologist responsible for delivering anesthesia during surgical operations .

Anyone who has good technical skills and has great interest in surgery, then this is the field for them. CRNA’s mostly deal with patients who are “out cold” unlike other types of nurses.

Nurse Practitioners NP

They are mostly known as mid-level providers always at hand to provide direct patient care at varying lengths of independence mostly depending on state laws. NP’s can work independently without the supervision of doctors while other state laws requires them to work under doctors at all times .NP’s earn extremely well in states where they work independently, able to provide primary care, specialty care or even provide medications .

This form of nursing also allows practitioners to practice continuous form of care while also working towards building better relationships and rapport with patients over a longer time period.

Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)

Certified Nurse Midwife attend childbirth in hospitals in lieu of a physician, this nurses also monitor pregnancies which are at low to moderate risks. These nurses also attend childbirth at homes and required to immediately refer to qualified physicians if complications exceed conditions they can handle, they also provide gynecological exams pre and postnatal care. Their median salary is around $91,000

Psychiatric nurse practitioner

This category of nursing is suitable for people who find their calling in undertaking psychiatric care for patients. Psychiatric nurses provide advanced treatment to patients suffering from mental illnesses. This type of nursing accords nurses a salary of up to $81,000 annually

Clinical nurse specialist CNS

This is an advanced nurse who helps in carrying out specialized research education, advocacy and may at times be involved in the management process. This form of nursing comes with a lot of responsibility thus, the reason why it always comes with bumper pay in terms of salary.

Clinical Nurse Specialist hold a degree in Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) and must be CNS certified depending on their field of specialization. CNS specialize in particular fields such as oncology that involves the handling of cancer patients. An oncologists in this case may be mandated to assists in clinical trials or hold informational or educational meetings for cancer patients. The average salary of Clinical Nurse Specialist is between the ranges of $70,000-$80,000. It is difficult to quote the exact amount as salary depends on the field of specialization.

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A detailed understanding about the remuneration attached with each field of nursing along with the responsibilities should help a candidate who taking their first foray into the field of nursing in taking a far more informed decision.

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