How To Honestly Admit to Your Mistakes

Learn from mistakes

One important aspect of success is to honestly admit that you made a mistake. People who own up to their mistakes have a greater opportunity for growth. When you admit an error or a fault honestly, it can make you stronger. It also makes you become an example to others around you, especially those who look up to you as a mentor.

By openly admitting to your erring ways, you create a culture for people to feel free about taking risks and embracing their own failures. This kind of freedom allows you and others that are connected to you to become more creative and be able to find faster solutions. The question now is how to honestly admit to your own mistakes? Here are several tips to help you and at the same time provide strength during the process:

Owning up to it

Remember that you are the one responsible for your mistakes and once you can own up to them and don’t make any excuses, you can rise above them. In fact, owning up to it, gives you more confidence to find the right solutions to make it better. It gives you an opportunity to be a better problem solver because you will be forced to address those mistakes without blaming anyone. When you take responsibility for your mistakes, you foster more growth and development for yourself.

Be genuine

Once you are called out on your mistake, it is then the right time to make an apology. Make sure the apology is genuine. You don’t want to read a scripted apology. It must come from the heart and you must mean every word. Your actions will eventually show that you meant it.

What have you learned?

It doesn’t end when you make a mistake and have regrets. You have to figure out the lesson in all of it. Begin by considering why the initial decision was made and the reasoning around that particular choice. Find out why it failed and how you could have done it better. Without the lesson learned, you probably won’t be able to move on or give an apology. It is only when you have learned a lesson that you will be able to offer a solution and a message of hope to those around you. No matter how big or small the mistake, you want to avoid any further mistakes and so you have to have learned something from it.

Proactively changing your perspective

You can say all day long that you are sorry about your mistakes, but until you do something about them, it won’t do you or anyone else any good. You have to make changes because apparently, what you did before wasn’t working. Take a step back and look at how you can make noticeable changes. Sometimes, you may have to change the way you look at things.

Be forthright

If the mistake you made offended anyone, be the first to acknowledge it. Be openly sympathetic and understanding about the feelings of those people. Always return to the things you have learned and your plans to make the next experience better so you can all learn and grow.

We all make mistakes especially in our professional lives. The key is to admit them and move on to find better ways of handling it the next time around. 


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