Hookup Culture - The New Dating Scene (Which I Have No Idea About)

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I’m in my early to mid-thirties, in a committed monogamous relationship for the past three years, so I have no idea how any of these new hookup things work. That’s why I think it would be hilarious to dive into the hookup culture (virtually, honey, don’t worry), and let you know how those young whippersnappers are getting their jollies.

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Hookup culture defined

Hookup culture is defined as a liberal stance regarding casual sexual encounters with the primary purpose of sexual gratification. The people that are usually involved with this culture are young adolescences, college-age individuals, and it is generally more of a ’western’ effect. Due to the fact that people are reaching sexual maturity earlier and getting married later, casual sexual encounters are pragmatic results of this.

The internet age has abbreviated courtship to ‘Hey, wanna hookup?’

Sit down, young one, and let me tell you how courtship worked for us, back in an age when it would take 30 to 45 minutes to download one song from iTunes. We used to get dressed up nicely, go out, approach our potential mate and hold what is called a ‘con-ver-sation’. That might sound a little alien to you, so let me clarify. ‘Conversations’ are these things people used to do with their mouths... NO! Not that! You would you make sounds called ‘words’, then wait for the other person to respond with these sounds called ‘words’. Not: ‘LOL’, ‘OMG’, ‘STFU’, ‘WTF’, ‘FTW’, ‘OOG’, ‘etc.’, ‘i.e.’… just whole, dictionary-worthy ‘words’. Really?! You don’t know what a dictionary is? It’s a book full of words and their definitions. Don’t you dare say: ‘I can’t even’ because you can; there’s even an online version that, unfortunately, doesn’t lend itself to beating smartasses over the head with. Oh, the screen! Thank you fellow 30-year-old also with waning relativity!

Boning apps

Some technological solutions circumvent the process of courtship altogether and are dedicated exclusively to hookups. Sure, maybe they didn’t start that way, but they have evolved into hookup apps. Tinder is an app for straight folk and Grinder is for male-to-male connections. It basically shows you photos of people in a geographic radius close to your own and lets you choose if you’re attracted to each other or not. Eventually, if you get a match, you are invited to chat, which is where you can fly your freak flag, because the whole process is pretty anonymous, your profile only displays your name, age and your photo. Of course, this also allows for some pretty messed up sh*t to pop up on your screen. What kind of messed up sh*t? Here’s a not so concise list. (Warning: most of these start off with various sexual acts; if you’re easily offended, please visit the link because that would be hilarious!)

Is it good? Bad? Or just plain the way things are?

Ultimately, sexual relations are a really personal thing. Some people want to have lots of them with a lot of different people; others want to have lots of them with just one person. It’s up to you, but as the taboo of sex is further challenged by technology and social standards, that taboo might well dissipate. Then the choice will lie with the individual as to what they would like to do, and how much of it they would like. It’s kind of like a pie buffet: just because you’re having rhubarb doesn’t mean that another person can’t have blueberry. OK, maybe my metaphor was a bit of a stretch, and has resulted in me wanting pie.

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Do you think hookup culture is good or bad? Let me know in the comment section below!