How to Host a Home Jewelry Party to Boost Your Sales

How to Host a Home Jewelry Party to Boost Your Sales

Hosting a jewelry party is one of the ways that you can boost sales for your handmade jewelry. The reason why most home jewelry parties are successful is because there is no competition between jewelers or vendors for customers’ attention and money.

Jewelry parties require the least amount of investment in terms of time and money but they bring in the largest financial returns. Can you imagine selling all your handmade jewelry in just three hours and making hundreds or even thousands of dollars?

Home jewelry parties are also a great way of promoting your online jewelry store offline.

You can schedule home jewelry parties every week since each party only takes a couple of hours so you do not have to commit a lot of time into it. Home parties provide a personalized and relaxed environment for your customers unlike shopping malls.

1. Find Out The Type Of Party You Would Like

An open house format jewelry party with a two to three hour time frame tends to work best. This is because it does not put pressure on anyone to buy your jewelry. This unstructured format lets people come and go whenever they feel like and it has the highest bookings for more parties.

Don’t include any games or presentations for your party because they are time consuming. Instead, focus on creating a fun atmosphere and help everyone have a great time. Most importantly, keep everyone focused on buying your jewelry.

2. Set up a Display

Your display should be set up before the party starts; at least half an hour before. Your display should reflect the style and personality of your jewelry line and the taste of your customers. Be creative with the textures, table layouts and backgrounds. You can add visual interest to your displays by adding height variations.

Encourage your customers to try on your jewelry by having plenty of mirrors among your jewelry displays. Experiment with mirrors at different heights and levels. Don’t count on the lighting in your jewelry party house to be adequate so you should carry portable lights to add that extra lighting.

3. Send Out Invites

Make your invites short, tempting and sweet. It should clearly outline the place, time and date of the jewelry party. Include your phone number and email so that customers can contact you directly in case they have questions.

Let them know in the invite that the entire event will be fun, they can win jewelry prizes and they can find unique jewelry pieces at affordable prices. The main point here is to craft a message that will make them look forward to attending the party.

Send out the invitations at least two weeks before the party and remind your guests about the party a day or two before it is scheduled to happen.

4. Have Fun And Interact

Interact with your guests and be prepared to answer many questions. Have interesting things to say about your jewelry. For instance, what inspired you to make your current line of jewelry? It helps to share with your customers more about yourself, the materials you use to make your jewelry, where you get your supplies from, etc. If you have a great sense of humor, don’t be afraid to make your guests laugh!

Include refreshments in your party. Do not complicate things by serving a whole buffet. Simple drinks and snacks such as wine and cheese should suffice. Remember that people have not come to eat but to purchase jewelry so you don’t need to prepare and serve a lot of food. The last thing you want is your guests leaving greasy finger prints and food crumbs on shiny jewelry.

There you have it, an easy way to host your home jewelry party. If you have any more ideas or tips that you think I have left out, feel free to share by commenting below.


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