How to Host a Linky Party

The linky party sounds like a gimmick based on the name alone. Unlike most trends, it actually fulfils a purpose. A good linky party can lead to you increasing your blog and social media following.

In short, a linky party is where a host blog allows other bloggers to share photos and links on their website for a limited period of time. By hosting and joining these parties, you can create new relationships and connect to new audiences.

In this article, we’re going to get started with how you can go about hosting a party and what you must take into account.

Time to Party

You can’t start a campaign and hope it kicks off without you. Each time someone posts something on the host site, the host needs to interact and help to promote the person coming to the party. The more you do for them the better reputation you’ll have, and the higher calibre of guest you’ll gain in the long-term.

If you don’t have a few hours to spare each day during the party, you aren’t ready to start hosting.

What’s the Theme?

Every party needs a theme. You need to stipulate what can be shared on your website. You want to make it specific without being too specific. If you write about DIY, you don’t want to host a party with theme of DIY. You want to make it themed.

Using the aforementioned example, let’s say you host one party with money saving tips on DIY. The next party could include tips on training to get started with DIY.


Co-hosting only makes the process even more complicated. A co-hosting system is a collaboration of blogs that will comment on the various content being uploaded. They’ll also post their own content, with the rest of the group commenting and helping out with the promotion.

There’s power in numbers and it can make a big party into a huge party. It also requires good management skills. You’ll have to schedule posts in advance and make sure everyone is willing to work with you. The last thing you want is any of your co-hosts leaving in the middle of the party. It can cause the beneficial effects of your linky party to disappear.

Brand Your Party

You have to attract people to your party. Come up with a catchy slogan and a cool new banner for your party. The goal is to make people think that this is something special. Remember, every guest who decides to join your party thinks that it’s going to benefit them. That’s all they care about.

Make it look as shiny and as exclusive as you possibly can. Your party should also have a badge people can share on their sites. Make sure this is no bigger than 250 x 250, otherwise Google will stamp down on you.

Your button should be as obvious as possible. Put it on all your sidebars and nobody will ever miss it.

Advance Promotion

Hosting a linky party is all about preparation. We’ve gone through what you need to do above, but the fact is without good preparation and the right team in place you’re not going to succeed.

On average, you should expect to start mentioning the upcoming party a couple of weeks in advance. Push the promotion harder as the start date gets closer. Ramp up the intensity and make people think.

Your overall mission is to increase the following on your blog. In the short-term, you want to have a successful party that can lead into bigger and better linky parties going forward. It’s about climbing the ladder and steadily growing over a long period of time.

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