How and Why to Learn Linux For Free

Did you know that you use Linux every day? Any time you log onto Facebook, use the Google search engine, surf the web, tap your smartphone, or DVR a TV show, you are using Linux. Linux is one of the most versatile open source systems, and it can offer you MAJOR advantages in your professional life.

Read on to find out why and where to learn linux.

1. Why to Learn Linux

Linux is a community-driven system, meaning it is constantly being advanced by fellow users. You can learn from other developers, upgrade your systems regularly, and never pay a single cent! The more you contribute to the Linux community, the more they will contribute to you.

Linux is also fully customizable. There are very few limits to what Linux can do, as the open-source system makes it possible to do just about anything. It has a lot more security options than closed-source systems!

If you’re serious about a career in programming or development, you NEED to learn Linux. A large number of apps and programs are developed using Linux, and a lot of coding is done using Linux-based systems. If you’d like to learn the open-source system, here are the best free resources for you:

2. EdX

EdX offers a wide range of educational tutorials, courses, and materials, including an excellent course on Linux and all it can do. The course will give you a working knowledge of Linux, teach you how to use the major Linux distributors, basic command line operations, useful applications for Linux, systems configurations, and graphical interfaces with Linux. It’s comprehensive, user-friendly, and a great free resource for beginners.

3. Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation offers more than just training videos; it also has webinars and text-based materials that will be very useful to help you learn more about Linux. It’s ideal for developers, system administrators, and those brand new to the open-source system.

You can also find a lot of Linux training materials on the site. These materials are text-based guides to using Linux. They cover a variety of topics ranging from newbie to advanced!

4. offers a "Beginner’s Guide to Linux", a comprehensive, illustrated guide to get you started on using Linux. It also provides links to further resources on using the open-source system, including tutorials on more advanced topics.

5. How to Forge

If you want to use Linux like a pro, you’ll love the tutorials provided on How to Forge. While they aren’t very well organized, they are comprehensive. You’ll have to do a bit of scrolling to find the right tutorial, but you’ll find that there is a wealth of information covering beginner, intermediate, and advanced Linux use.


Yet another great site for Linux tutorials, has a lot of tutorials for all skill levels. The tutorials are all text-based with few images or videos, but they are comprehensive. They can help you develop your Linux skills no matter what level you are on.

7. Ryan's Tutorials

For a well-organized, comprehensive list of tutorials, you’d do well to check out Ryan’s Tutorials. The site has a simple guide to help you learn the basics of working with Linux, sorted according to topics. It’s very user-friendly, and it contains all the necessary information to get you going.

Use the resources above to help you learn everything you need to know to master the open-source system and take advantage of all that Linux can do for you! If you know of any other good resources? Leave a comment and share the knowledge.

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