How (and Why) to Start Meditating

According to, meditation is focusing your mind on ‘nothingness.’ Being still and focusing your thoughts through mental concentration to the point where you completely clear your mind of all thoughts, and you are at one with yourself and the earth. Meditation is an extremely powerful and fulfilling practise that people have been doing for many years, and today science is catching up with this! It is proving to us that the health benefits of meditation go beyond what many people are initially aware of. This article will look at how to meditate and the benefits of doing so. Be sure to watch the video by Leo from after reading the article!

Tips on how to start meditating

The technique itself is very simple. If you are a beginner, you should follow the tips below:

#1 Set a timer: this should be around 20 minutes for beginners. Use your phone to set an alarm and keep to the timings.

#2 Find a quiet area: you will need to site in a quiet area on your own, where you will not be interrupted or distracted.

#3 Sit comfortably: this does not mean you have to sit in the lotus position. In fact, you can sit on your couch if you wish, so long as you sit up straight.

#4 Keep your spine straight: You may feel tired during meditation but it is important to keep your spine straight to keep you alert.

#5 Clear your thoughts: no matter what thoughts pop into your head, push them out immediately and clear your mind once again.

#6 Sit still and don’t move for the whole 20 minutes: maintain this state and you will feel a sense of calmness almost immediately.

While there are various techniques you can do, including breathing exercising and repeating certain words or phrases, the above tips are a great foundation to get you started.

Why meditate?

Meditation has been used for thousands of years to provide clarity, inner peace and calmness. Those who meditate feel a sense of relief, from stress and from all the negative thoughts and energies that have consumed them till now.

There should never be an excuse great enough to justify not meditating at least once per week for as little as 30 minutes. It is advised to do one hour per day to achieve the best results, but any form of meditation can bring huge benefits to your life almost immediately.

The main benefits of doing meditation include:

#1 It helps you to refocus your energy and stay focused on your main goals.

#2 It has been proven to strengthen the brain by effectively ‘working it out’.

#3 It helps you to master your emotions, and experiencing the right emotions is key to helping you re-train your brain so you feel happier more often.

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#4 Eliminating stress is one of the main reasons many people adopt meditation into their daily lives.

#5 Studies have shown that meditation can increase overall bran health, including reducing the risk of diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

#6 It can help you overcome addictions, which can be anything from drugs to addictions to technology or social media.

#7 Regular meditation can help build up your willpower, which of course will have a huge knock-on effect to how you approach difficult or challenging events in your life.

#8 It can help you lose weight. Rather surprisingly, this is in fact true and is a great benefit for those who want to become healthier while experiencing great inner peace and calmness.

#9 Meditation can also increase productivity and creativity, especially in people who are struggling in these areas due to external pressures or stress in their lives.

#10 Last, but by no means least, mediation can ground you. Ego and arrogance have consumed our lives, particularly with how the media portrays what we should be aspiring to (money and fame). Through meditating, you can begin to understand the true you.

Check out the video to learn, in detail, how to meditate and why it is beneficial for you to start meditating as of today! Do you meditate? How has it changed your life? Let us know in the comments section below.

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