How Being Blond Can Help Your Career

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What do men think when they see a blond woman? What is the first association they have? Playboy bunny – that’s what. Playboy magazine has made the blond woman the star of every man’s fantasy. These women are seen as desirable and exclusive. They have the looks that could make any man drool and drop to his knees. Fit, slim figure, lush blond locks, curves in all the right places – the formula for success. You can just walk into a place and conquer them all with just what your momma gave you.

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Even though intelligence as a virtue has been on the rise in recent years, no one can deny that beauty matters, too. If we are being honest, the first thing someone notices about a person is their physical appearance – what they are wearing, their height, face, hair. These are a few things that put intelligence to the test. Not that knowledge is being diminished, but beauty will always be one step ahead. We have to admit that.

Each and every one of us has a preference when it comes to choosing our significant other. Some like women who are tall and slim, others like passionate redheads, and then there are those who would choose a blond over anything else on any given day. Why? Well, the guess is that there is something about them that draws you in, some veil of mystery.

But don’t be fooled by the blonds. There may be various stereotypes concerning their intelligence or competence – these women are well aware of general thoughts and opinions people have about them, nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped them from doing their own thing and harvesting the fruits of their labour. Looks can be deceiving, but they can also be lucrative and put to good use. That is one thing blonds are familiar with and aren’t afraid to use.

These are some of the ways, being blond can help you climb the corporate ladder, but if there is one thing Legally Blonde taught us, it’s that in order to succeed the key ingredient is to believe in yourself.  


1. Cash in Those Locks

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Being blond pays off big time - both metaphorically and literally. According to some studies, blonds earn more money than their brunette or red-haired peers. There is nothing complicated about this finding. It is simple – blonds are seen as unique and more valuable, therefore they earn more. This applies to both salaries and tips.

Blonds have bigger salaries than other women. Not only do they start off with bigger salaries, but, in addition to this, they also get promoted quicker. They are good ladder climbers, apparently.

Moreover, blond waitresses are in demand more often. They are good for business, as it seems. They attract customers who are more satisfied if there is a blond waitress serving them. Also, blonds get tipped well – they have higher average tip earnings than brunettes.

In the end, it looks like blonds bring home the bacon. Sorry, boys!



2. Expand Your Contact List

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Because of their status as unicorns, blonds are more desirable and majestic than other women. Men and women are more attracted to them because of their mysteriousness. Having a blond employee is a big bonus for any company. Who wouldn’t want to do business with a blond, anyway?

If they know what they’re doing, making new business contacts is a piece of cake. Just show up, smile and do your job the best way possible. Business partners will come to you without you ever needing to move a finger. You’re a magnet, darling.



3. Keep Your Friends Close(er)

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Blonds have more fun. Deal with it. You don’t believe me, just ask Rod Stewart.

If you are blond, you are a party on two legs. Everyone likes you and wants to spend time with you. They will invite themselves to party with you.

Coming to a new workplace can be challenging in terms of establishing friendly relationships with your colleagues. New employees can be seen as a threat or be unappreciated until they manage to prove their worth. Starting a new job is basically a road filled with bumps and roadblocks.

The best advice is to tread lightly. Don’t be too intrusive at first, but don’t be too shy either. If you get invited to a night out or for a cup of coffee, accept the invitation. In case you refuse too many times there is a big chance you won’t get invited again. So, be careful with your choices.

Gradually make your way into the social circle of the workplace. With time, you will be in the centre of attention. You will be the one who gets to choose whom to invite out and to approve of someone’s social status in the group.



4. Play the Dumb Card


Blonds are dumb – that’s the main stereotype associated with women with blond hair. So many jokes exist that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Yes, jokester, we get it, blonds are always the butt of your joke. Sure, have fun with it, but don’t get upset when these women revisit those jokes and play the dumb card.

If you have a difficult situation at work and you’ve made a mistake, they’ll try to put all the blame on you. Don’t fret, girl! Relax and play the dumb card. If they can joke, you can utilize it. It’s only fair.

You made a mistake? No big deal. Just say it’s because of the colour of your hair, you know, it’s in your blood after all. I don’t see any reason for your superior to be upset about that. If it is a stereotype, then it must be true- at least to some extent.



5. Promote Yourself

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If your job description involves promotions on social networks or if you are the face of some company, maybe even a fashion blogger or an internet personality, use your looks to gain more fame. The tools you need are right there – your phone or laptop, and your head. Promote your business by promoting yourself.

Men adore exotic women that are blond. East European or North European girls are a thing of beauty. There is nothing like that anywhere else in the world. They have a number of followers on social media, that is envious. It really doesn’t matter how often they update their profiles or what they post, likes will keep on coming, no matter what. What sells is their beauty – pretty face and blond hair.

Even better, if you are a PR manager or a promoter. This would be an easy task for you. Just imagine all the fun you would have with that job.

All jokes aside, let’s get something clear: every woman is beautiful, no matter her hair colour, but somehow the blonds have it easier in life. Their social lives are also more interesting. Everyone wants to be them, to be their friends, and men want to be with them. Blonds are the talk of the town. The ultimate prize.

It might not be fair towards the other women, but that’s life. Some were brought into this world as natural blonds, some use the magic of hair dye to make themselves blond, either way they are having fun living the good life.