How Being Childish Can Help Your Career

Life was so much simpler when we were kids. We could basically do what we wanted, when we wanted to – if we weren’t stuck in a boring classroom trying to learn Math, that is. We’re all supposed to grow up, find our dream job and become professional adults (whatever that means) and leave childish things behind. But that’s sometimes easier said than done, especially if you have a tendency to throw tantrums and, yes, you sometimes eat ice cream for dinner like you always wanted to when you were a kid. But if you act more like you’re five years old than 25, you’re in luck: that could actually be a good thing. Here’s how being childish can help your career.

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1. You Get What You Want

When you were a kid and demanded that you get what you want, your mom either grounded you (ugh) or told you to quit whining. Today you’re a so-called grown-up but by acting childish, you’re able to get what you want from your career. You don’t stop until you receive exactly what you’re looking for, whether it’s a raise or a promotion or the best work trips or clients. Children are totally relentless when it comes to demands, and so this is one trait that will help you out at work. When everyone else gets sick of being told no, you won’t, because you’re going to hang in there. Sure, you might annoy people (okay, you definitely will) but you’ll win in the end.

2. You Feel Things Deeply

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Remember when you were 10 and were told Santa couldn’t bring you a car/unicorn/the toy of your dreams? You were completely devastated, right? You probably sobbed for hours or even days, because this was just the worst news ever. Sure, yelling and crying may not go over too well at the office, but the fact that you feel things as deeply and passionate as a child would is definitely a positive thing when it comes to your job. You will be extra motivated to succeed since your career means so much to you. Your boss and coworkers will think you’re a super loyal employee and your clients will always be impressed with how much you seem to care about the work. When you think about it, we should all allow ourselves to really feel our emotions like children do, instead of covering things up all the time. Another huge benefit of feeling things deeply? You’ll know when your job is making you super miserable and you’ll be able to quit and find a better position.

3. You Influence Your Fellow Employees

Think about how easily influenced you were by other kids when you were growing up. If so-and-so had a certain toy or brand of potato chips in their lunch box, you wanted that, too. So by acting childish at the office, imagine how totally powerful you can be. You can convince your coworkers to lobby for tons of perks. For example, if you want everyone to have Fridays off (which would be super awesome), you can talk about it non-stop until you convince your fellow employees to join you in chatting up your boss about the idea. You’ll also be able to influence everyone you deal with at the office by getting them to agree with your ideas. Think about how persuasive your three-year-old cousin can be – she can convince you to do anything, right?

4. You Make Sure The Spotlight's on You

If kids are amazing at one thing, it’s being able to get tons of attention, whenever and wherever they want. Sure, sometimes they call attention to themselves by screaming in a crowded shopping mall or otherwise being immature and badly behaved, but you’ll do better than that. By acting childish at work and ensuring that your boss is paying attention to you at all times, you’ll never be left behind at the office. You’ll get the best assignments, you’ll get flown to Paris for that awesome conference, you’ll be the first person that your boss thinks about for anything.

5. You Use Gossip to Your Advantage

Kids have zero filter, not much common sense, and they love to gossip. If you tell a kid something juicy and important, they’re going to run and tell their best friend/babysitter/mom/sister/etc. That information will never stay secret for long. Kids just can’t keep a secret. If you’re acting childish at the office, then that means that gossip isn’t safe with you, either. Everyone hates the employee who’s the office gossip but unfortunately, that person has the most power over anyone. Even more than your boss. Yup, it’s true. The employee who knows every single thing about everyone can basically manipulate them into doing whatever they want. If someone gets a plum assignment, you can basically blackmail them since you know they’re cheating on their spouse and get handed the assignment.

6. You Pick Your Work BFFs

Kids often travel in packs – just look around your neighborhood around 3 p.m. when they finish school, and you’ll see little humans walking around in groups. If you have a tendency to form cliques at work, that doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Actually, it can work out really well for you, because you have a bunch of best friends who can support you on the spot if your boss asks around about who really deserves that upcoming promotion. It always helps to have friends at work.

7. You're Creative and Impulsive

Children are super creative creatures. What’s interesting about how they create is that they don’t draw or paint or play an instrument because it’s 9 a.m. and that’s when they’ve decided to work – they get creative when the mood strikes them. Basically, they work when they’re inspired and when they feel like it. You’re probably the same way, and that’s great because it means you have an inner child who allows you to create beautiful work. We’re all looking for ways to access our creativity, but you don’t have to look far because this is just the way you are. Sure, you may be a bit impulsive sometimes, but at least you’re committed to your job.

8. You Keep Going

Rejection doesn’t slow you down or even stop you at all. Like a kid, you can brush yourself off when you fall and try to succeed again. There isn’t a single child who would refuse to learn to ride a bike just because they fell off once. You know that failure is an inevitable part of life but that it would be pretty stupid to stop.

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If you haven’t figured out how to be a grown-up and if your fellow employees think you’re still a baby, they might be right, and that’s actually not a problem at all. This article showed you how being childish at the office can actually be a positive force. So use your childish ways to your advantage and career domination is yours. If anyone tells you to grow up, just laugh and keep going. It takes a lot of skill to act like a childish adult and you’re awesome at it.




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