How Being Married Influences Your Success

So, you’ve agreed to slap on the ole ball and chain, get tied down and settle down. Well, congratulations that’s great that you chose to spend the rest of the finite amount of time you have on this planet with a single individual. If it’s any consolation though, it might actually be beneficial in a few ways; people in long term relationships tend to live longer and engage in less health risking behaviors. There are also financial benefits to marriage; two salaries are of course better than one, not to mention that in certain countries marriage comes with generous tax breaks.

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So how can your marriage influence your chances for success? Let’s take a look if you’re the right couple for success.


The Washington University in St. Louis studied the effect the institution of marriage has on the success of working spouses and the findings were pretty interesting. The researchers saw that regardless of the gender of the spouse, having a conscientious spouse was a good promisor of success. Although the study assessed the spouse on five personality metrics: neuroticism, agreeableness, openness, extraversion and conscientiousness – none of the other factors proved as significant as the last personality trait for success. There are multiple reasons for this:


Prioritizing is a huge component of professional success and if you are constantly torn between work obligations and professional obligations, it can be easy to get bogged down. A conscientious spouse though generally will help alleviate this by taking over home duties, bill paying and general household upkeep has proven to support the other spouse’s efforts and ultimately their success. Also conscientious spouses tend to be more organized, dutiful and be self-disciplined, things which often rub off on the non-conscientious spouse. All of these factors help greatly with success.


As the axiom goes “a sound mind in a sound body” , a married couple’s self-discipline often leads a healthier lifestyle than people with more gregarious and impulsive personalities. Excessive use of alcohol and tobacco products (which are impulsive behaviors) are often quelled and even replaced with healthier “indulgences”. Beyond that, a conscientious spouse’s ability to manage time and scheduling can result in a less stressful lifestyle for the working spouse.

Happy Spouse

Finally, having a well-adjusted home life minimizes stress factors which could otherwise influence your work life such as creating distractions or lowering motivation. Beyond that, obligations that come with homeownership and family are largely relegated to the conscientious spouse thus freeing the “working” spouse to commit fully, both physically and mentally to progressing their career. Beyond the pragmatic support, more often than not, married couples also become an emotional support for the “working” spouses.

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Are there any other ways you think a marriage can influence success? Let us know in the comments section below.