How Being ‘Original’ Will Help You in Your Next Job

You need to be unique and you need to stand out to succeed in your career. But what can you do to make that happen? Read on and find out for yourself.

Research shows that being original has much to do with who you are as a person and how far you are willing to go in your career. Originality requires that you take the road less travelled by, the one which is usually harder. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that; it can be made really easy. In his book Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, Professor Adam Grant says that all you need to be original are four basic elements. These are:

  • Creativity: Coming up with effective solutions or ideas.
  • Initiative: Taking steps to execute an idea.
  • Conviction: Strong belief/passion to solve a problem.
  • Risk Mitigation: Calculating risks effectively so that you minimize the chances of failure.

These four elements are some of the characteristics of especially talented professionals who choose originality over conformity. These are the same people do things differently from what everybody else is doing, and that’s why most of them end up being successful in their field.

If you are looking for a new job or you’ve just landed one, here are some good reasons on why you should show off your originality.

#1 You Will Always Be Full of Ideas

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Being original also means that you are a creative individual. This creativity that you have makes you the guy with all of the answers. So, whenever your boss is faced with a dilemma, you are the one who comes up with a solution that saves the day. That’s probably why you have managed to become the go-to person of the office. It may be tiring – if not exhausting – to be the one who does all of the thinking, but you know that sharing your excellent ideas can benefit the team as a whole. Essentially, you are the person who drives the team forward.

#2 It Helps You Get Noticed

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Demonstrating your originality doesn’t mean that you are showing off. It just shows that you are who you are, and this is what makes you special. Being yourself at work is crucial for success because this is what makes you different than your peers. While others are more preserved and like to keep low, you are the guy who chips in, volunteers to help whenever it’s needed, and you don’t mind going the extra mile to get what you want. Well, if this doesn’t help you get noticed then I don’t know what will!

#3 It Helps You Make a Difference

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Only those people who are able to show off their originality and creativity manage to make a difference. This can be done not only in terms of professional development, but mostly in helping the company you are working at to succeed its goals. Unless you are a person who constantly looks for ways to add value through your work, you will find it difficult to get promoted or show your real worth in your position. So, is it a good idea to be taking initiatives at work? I would say yes.

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Being original is one way of unlocking your true potential and becoming successful in any position. So, how ‘original’ do you consider yourself to be at work? Let me know in the comments section below!