How Being Rude At Work Can Be Dangerous

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You may enjoy having a burping contest with your buddies on the weekends while hanging out and having too many beers to think straight. Burping your way through lunch in the break room, though, is probably not the best way to behave. Maybe you have no problem being rude to others outside of work. Yet you should think twice next time when considering to cut in front of one of your colleagues in the company cafeteria line. You never know when such behavior can come back to haunt you. Being rude too many times can be dangerous and make you the prime target on your colleague’s hit list. Just imagine how exhausted you’d be trying to avoid the retaliation schemes of colleagues offended by your rude behavior.

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Rudeness is dangerous because it can continue to spread a toxic animosity in the workplace. Maybe you don’t care about spreading toxicity in the office, but everyone around you cares and doesn’t want to be in that kind of dangerous environment. You might end up going overboard one too many times with your rude behavior and risk your job security. Too many insensitive comments to the interns or rude innuendos to the ladies in the office, has caught the attention of your boss. Maybe your long cycle of rudeness will cause you to become extremely jaded and scarred for the rest of your life. You might not care about being jaded. Just remember, that all villains end up alone and don’t get their happy endings. They usually end up in dangerous situations that result in their death. Ok, so no one is saying that your rude behavior is going to kill you, but you get the idea.

1. You Risk Spreading Toxic Animosity

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You can think of rude people as individuals with a toxic virus that becomes airborne simply by them breathing on other people while talking and going about their daily lives. Sure, that toxic virus isn’t real, but their rude behavior can definitely have a negative effect on a positive workplace environment. Making a rude comment to someone can quickly cause negativity to set in. The recipient of rudeness gets hurt and may even snap back at the offender. That can create a vicious cycle of toxic animosity that flourishes dangerously in the workplace sucking out all the positivity. Who wants to work around someone who is rude every chance he gets? Unless you enjoy being abused and wouldn’t mind being locked up in a torture chamber, you probably don’t want to deal with a rude coworker every day.

If you’re constantly interrupting colleagues while they’re trying to speak during meetings, that could be dangerous to the unity of the team. Besides having to dodge flying objects aimed at your head, like staplers or whatever is in arm’s length, disharmony will run rampant like a virus and infect every team member. No one will want to work with you on projects or be your cubicle neighbor. Your rude comments about a colleague’s work can spark hostility and that could take root in deep bitterness toward you. Your rude behavior not only affects the person you offended, but other colleagues in the vicinity as well. Soon, your rude behavior will have created an army of zombie-like individuals, completely infected with negativity, who are no longer alive and thriving in their work.

2. Colleagues May Retaliate Against You


Being rude to colleagues at work can become an extremely dangerous situation to your own personal universe. One too many hostile comments to a coworker regarding your intolerance for her smelly lunch food habits, can spell your demise. Sure, the entire area around her cubicle stinks when she eats lunch, but that doesn’t give you the right to continually make rude comments to her each day. Obviously, your rudeness hasn’t stopped her from bringing in such offensive smelling food. As the saying goes, you can catch more flies with honey. It would pay to be nicer and bring your concerns to her about the smelly food in a polite way. Yet, we all know that’s not going to happen unless you have a spiritual awakening!

So, you’d better watch your back, because you never know when disaster—in the form of revenge—will strike. You may smell her pungent food odors all day long and wonder why, when you don’t see any food at her desk. After nearly vomiting twenty times that day due to the overpowering pungent odor, you’d be so remorseful that you’d come crawling to her desk, asking for the madness to stop. That’s when you’d find out that she’d hidden a week old tuna sandwich and bag of moldy grapes in your desk drawer overnight. As you’d collapse to the floor, all would become crystal clear and you’d realize then how your workstation had become infested with fruit flies!

3. Your Job Security May Be Threatened

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Maybe you’re known as the door slamming, expletive flying, dirty joke telling, and all around rude dude. You might think that’s hilarious, but it’s not. That’s only your immature, emotionally stunted teenaged-minded self, telling you that. You’re not a teenager anymore. It’s no longer cute or cool to be the rudest person in the room. Before you know it, you’ll end up overstepping boundary lines and be so rude to the wrong person, that your job security may be threatened. Ok, so cutting in front of someone in line in the break room getting coffee is not an offense worth getting fired over. Yet, when you are rude to everyone on a consistent basis—or rude to the one person who will get you in trouble for your behavior—you can say goodbye to your job security. Sure, you may not get fired right away, but you’ll probably get reprimanded by your boss.

Who wants to be called in to the boss’s office like you’re still in high school and in trouble for making fun a nerdy student? Doesn’t really sound too appealing, especially for a grown-up who is supposed to be acting maturely. Yet, if you are an incorrigibly rude person, you probably deserve to be called in to your boss’s office. Just put the filter on and don’t say anything rude to your boss. Then you’d really be in trouble!

4. You Can Become Extremely Jaded

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You may enjoy playing the part of the villain, just take a peek into your crystal ball and get a glimpse of your dangerous future. Rude people are in danger of becoming extremely jaded. Uttering harsh comments everyday will change you into a cynical shadow of a man. Constantly being impolite every chance you get and relishing uncouth behavior like an ill-mannered child can become very taxing on you, whether you realize it or not. It’s hard work being rude. Continuously feeling the need to be discourteous to others will eventually leave you worn out. It would be easier—and less dangerous to your mental stability—to be nicer and polite to people, than to be a rude ignoramus.

Did you know that it takes 17 facial muscles to smile and 43 to frown? So unless you want to become a grumpy, wrinkle-faced lady at the age of 40, wipe that frown off your face! This is serious business. Your youthful appearance is at stake. The jaded cynicism that has overtaken your life—like a vice grip on your heart—will only squeeze all the life out of it and soon crumble it to dust. You know what happens when you have no heart left…yeah, that’s right, you’re dead. Ok, so that’s only a symbolic example, but it should hit home. Allowing rudeness to let you become jaded is a dangerous thing.

Being rude at work can be very dangerous for you and your colleagues. Make a choice not to become a toxic waste dumping ground of offensive comments and uncouth behaviors. Stop the profanity, flatulence, burping, name calling, line cutting, and other childish behavior. If you don’t, you’ll run the risk of being the target of revenge from offended colleagues. You could even end up losing your job or becoming an old, lonely jaded individual.

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