How Budgeting Can Give You Peace of Mind. And Other Grown Up Things

Consumerism: that unholy act of excessive spending and a source of many peoples’ stress. My advice to you is stop shopping. The end, thank you for reading. OK my boss just walked over so I guess I’ll elaborate. There are ways to indulge our consumerist tendencies without breaking the bank: by budgeting! If you read the title I kind of eluded to that anyway. Here’s how budgeting can give you peace of mind.


You need to make sure you know where every red cent of your income is going. Two dollars on candy jewellery isn’t a huge investment but when you buy it 8 times a week it is. Look in the mirror and be honest, did you really need that last diamond ring lollipop?

Assessing your expenses is the only way to understand if your spending is out of control or not.

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Trim the fat

Both literally and proverbially. Eating out is a huge expenditure: the average American family spends $1.200 on fast food a year. That’s $1.200 invested in clogging arteries and expanding waistlines. Cut the fast food out and trim the fat off your behind, and under your chin, and under your arms and the back of your neck. Good God Man go on a diet already!

Now if your are spending $1.200 once I year you have my utmost respect, please be my sensei

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Plan ahead

The average vehicle costs $2.500 a year to run. That’s a pretty big chunk of cheddar if you make that in a month and a half. Before you hyperventilate though break it down. That’s a meager seven bucks a day. Put a jar in your bedroom and put five bucks in it every day. Because we are talking about budgeting maybe I should mention that this money is only for the car. Next time your car breaks down it won’t be such an abrupt expenditure, unless you spent all the money, because you’re absolutely incorrigible.

Look at all this money!!! Its not even mine!!

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Excessive spending leads to excessive stress

You got your beautiful pristine check. Then suddenly like a montage out of a horror movie, death metal music starts rising in the background, everything starts turning red you get into your car and peel off. You get to the Mall and go on a murder-spree, killing the zeros at the end of your bank account’s balance. You emerge from the Mall with your spoils of war (a brand new xbox one, those new adidas shoes and matching velour track suit). The thumping in your ears has dulled and everything is back to full gamma Technicolor. Yeah it feels good to shop that’s why we do it. At the end of the month envelopes start coming in with red lettering on them, your landlord knocks on your door and you are hoping the gas gauges holds right above the E line for a few more days. I bet you wish you hadn’t spent those extra few dollars on that velour track-suit. Sure you look like a white balding and dumpy LL Cool J but wouldn’t you prefer not to be stressed about money all the time? The solution is simple stop spending. The end. Thank you for reading.


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Do you have money troubles? Well then let us know in comment section below or even throw in your ideas on how to save money.