How Businesses can Benefit From Ello

Ello has dubbed itself the anti-Facebook social media network. This is a network developed by a team of designers and independent artists who were tired of the privacy breaches made by Facebook at every turn. It has created waves in the world of social media. At one point, it was accepting 40,000 users per hour. It’s currently invite-only and in the middle of its beta stages, but it continues to gain traction each day.

Businesses may wonder where they fit into the equation, but the truth is they do. Let’s take a look at how Ello could possibly benefit businesses.

Getting in Quick

Studies have shown that brands who were quick to move to Facebook and Twitter in the early days were able to build up a substantial lead in followers and connections. This was at a time where nobody yet knew whether these networks would become the behemoths they have. Sadly, it didn’t work in the same way for Google+. Google+ failed to achieve the success people expected, so businesses had less to gain, even if they began networking early.

There’s a risk of Ello turning out the same way as Google+. This is a risk you have to accept. If there was no risk, everybody would be working on Ello now. In the beginning, businesses should limit the amount of time they spend on Ello. Network, but network casually. Don’t commit to it just yet, but make some effort with it.

Privacy Issues

Ello prides itself on being able to limit the amount of data it demands from you. According to Paul Budnitz, who’s one of the co-founders, he said the only data the site takes from users is their IP address. This is the information any website takes from its users when they access their website. This doesn’t compromise your privacy, though.

As we know, security is crucial for any company looking to grow safely, whilst at the same time reducing its risk. If it has to give all its private data away to another corporate entity, this can make them uneasy when it comes to security. Ello removes this risk by not asking for anything in the first place.

Fitting the Trends

We can see from the growth of infographics that visual content rules the world of marketing right now. Brands that are having the most success are primarily using images to get their messages across. One area where Ello excels is in its visual content. It’s very much like Tumblr in that it’s filled with crisp, clean high-resolution images. If you’re a business that wants to extend the reach of your visual content, this is the social media network to choose.

Working with Every Industry

Despite the fact it was a group of designers who decided to create this social media network, it’s not something only the creative industries can take advantage of. If your industry uses visual content to get its message across (which is every industry), you can take advantage of this social media network.

Tread with Caution

Make sure that you monitor the progress of this social media network wisely. As already mentioned, we believe that you should always dedicate just a small portion of your time to this new network, but don’t get carried away. If in the long run it does turn into another Google+, you won’t have neglected your holdings on the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

Keep tracking the success, or lack of success, from Ello. As the months go on, we’ll have a better idea as to how much attention businesses should be paying to this social media network.


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