How Businesses Can Use the Whisper App for Marketing

The Whisper app is a way for people to send messages anonymously. They can use text superimposed over images to send things like greetings cards. Although this app has been used between members of the general public, businesses have started to look at the merits of using the Whisper app for marketing.

As we know, finding new ways to market your business is difficult. The easiest way to do this, though, is in the simplest manner possible. In most cases, businesses should be letting their products speak for themselves. This is what businesses who use the Whisper app are doing. They’re marketing their products in the simplest way possible.

In many ways, Whisper is similar to the Snapchat app. For example anyone can comment on the messages you send, much like Schapchat. Let’s take a look at how businesses are using the Whisper app for marketing purposes.

What Whisper Aims to Do

There’s no doubt businesses can take advantage of this app. Currently, Whisper is working on ways that they can label certain posts as advertisements for specific businesses and product types.

Furthermore, the organisation has looked into ways in which it can motivate people to interact more with brands. This means more comments, more messages, and more ways to handle favourite posts. This would increase usage of the app and enhance revenue for both businesses and Whisper itself.

Without the Ad Campaign

Businesses have used the Whisper app to remove many of the complexities of setting up a formal ad campaign. They can promote a brand through a specific image without crafting a grand campaign. Hulu did this by working with the Whisper team to craft an original series called Deadbeat. And there are countless examples of companies doing this.

The ‘Off’ Switch

One of the biggest flaws of conventional ad campaigns is the fact that people tend to not pay any attention to them as soon as they see they’re from a company or a brand. We’re assaulted with so many ads every day we’ve trained ourselves to ignore them, and this is a real problem for businesses looking to make people engage with them.

The Whisper app doesn’t show the user that the image came from a business. This means to turn on that ‘off’ switch the user has to actually look at the ad first. You as the company get to make the first move, and this makes all the difference when you’re attempting to persuade someone to buy what you’re selling.

Studies have shown there has been a significant increase in the number of businesses marketing products through social media networking apps that use anonymous direct messaging.

Targeting a Niche Market

One of the main ways businesses use Whisper is to hit niche markets that they would otherwise not be able to touch with a traditional ad campaign. Mike Downey from Whisper’s business development department says that Whisper allows businesses to use brand storytelling to hit a smaller segment of potential customers.

It’s clear Whisper wants to monetize its app by bringing in sponsored posts. For businesses, this will allow them to better target the people they want because it’s in Whisper’s interests for companies to achieve success in this way.

In Whisper businesses have a viable alternative to the traditional ad marketing campaign. It’s enabled them to target users in a different way. But its most powerful feature is the ability to target a niche audience anonymously. It bypasses many of the natural impulses we have in our heads that automatically makes us oblivious to more traditional ad marketing campaigns.


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