How Digital Healthcare is Changing the way we get Well

The healthcare industry experiences a variety of challenges nowadays, ranging from a rising ageing population and increase in lifestyle diseases to growing budget constraints. In light of these challenges, digital healthcare technology is used to increase efficiency in current healthcare systems and enhance the effectiveness of therapeutic processes and procedures.  

Digital health is changing the way healthcare professionals do their job. The facts speak of themselves:

-          85% of physicians use a smartphone professionally.

-          50% of physicians have used a tablet in a caring capacity.

-          39% of physicians communicate with patients online through email, messaging or video chat

According to the New York Times, the recent developments in digital health technology will bring the cost of the healthcare system down by 23%, leading to more affordable and better use.

How digital healthcare technology changes the way we get well…

1.       Electronic medical records has made it easier for doctors to send patient information to one another and reduce the number of lost records.

2.       Telemedicine is one of the greatest digital developments for medicine, meaning that patients who are in remote regions can have doctor access 24/7. This technology enables doctors to prescribe medications or perform operations from a different location with the use of robotics.

3.       Remote monitoring allows doctors to monitor patients’ healing via small digital implants. Fortunately, for patients, it means that they can head home and return to their routine more quickly, reducing the healthcare costs for both patients and doctors.

4.       Wireless technology enables hospital staff and care professionals to operate more effectively, without having to worry about the confining mess of Ethernet cords and the danger of unplugging a patient’s monitoring devices.

5.       Wearable technology allows individuals to keep track of their health status and record the amount of exercise as well their everyday diet patterns. Health wearables can lead to a better and healthier lifestyle.  

This enlightening infographic by CareerGlider gives you more hints about how digital healthcare and emerging technologies are changing the way we get well. It also highlights emerging digital health careers that don’t require you to enter any medical facilities…




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