How do you Balance Work and Life?

How do you Balance Work and Life?

Many people may find it hard to give an answer to one of the most common interview questions “How do you balance work and life?” Indeed, discussing your work-life balance during a job interview can be very tricky. When recruiters ask this question, they are interested to know how you can handle work demands and whether your personal life could interfere with your work.

Moreover, interviewers want to check if you have a good hold on time management, the ability to prioritise tasks as well as if you are willing to do some overtime work if it’s required. Depending on your answer they will be able to know whether you are a person who gives up easily in the face of difficulties or a hard worker who is committed to their job.

So, as with any interview question, you want to be prepared. Check out the following possible responses that will help you get some extra points:

Response No.1

“As an organised person, I can balance my professional and personal life very well. I believe that what happens at home stays at home, and at work I focus on doing my work. This way, I can be fully engaged while I’m at work.”

This kind of response is effective as it is quite generic and can be applied to any situation by anyone, anytime, at any stage of a person’s life regardless their age.  

Response No.2

“At the moment I live on my own and don’t have many responsibilities as far as my personal life is concerned. So right now I would like to focus solely on my career.”

This answer could work well for younger candidates; possibly students or recent graduates. It shows employers you are ready to take the next step towards entering employment and really focus on your work.

Response No. 3

“I have already discussed this with my spouse and children and explained that anything that’s related to work comes first. So they are aware of the fact I will need to work overtime when necessary.”   

For senior candidates, this is a much better fitting answer. This kind of response lets employers know that you have personal responsibilities that you know how to take care of effectively. However, your job is your priority.

So before giving your answer, think about how you personally define work/life balance. Does this involve being able to spend some quality time with your family or going to the gym even when working long hours? Defining work-life balance will not only help you determine whether you are a good fit for the job at hand, but will also help you decide if you want the job or not.   

When you are being asked this question, refer to your good planning skills and convince interviewers that your personal life and work won’t interfere with each other. Practice some possible answers to help you prepare and good luck on your next interview!


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