How Does Your Work Space Reflect On Who You Are?

On average, young adults spend more time in the workplace than they do in their homes. Your area at work may be just a desk, a cubicle or an office but it can reflect a great deal on who you are as a person and even an employee.

1. Tidy is nice but....

Keeping your stuff nice and tidy is great, but a little too tidy or so tidy that it seems that nobody uses that space can be discerning. This could be an indication that you are not happy and are ready to go at the drop of a hat. A moderately tidy desk can show an analytic thinker or someone that strives within an organized system.

2. Chaos is the way of the world but clean up a bit will ya?

Everything is everywhere, posters with sagging corners on the wall, loose sheets of paper on any available flat surface, a graveyard of old mugs and used up stationary sits in the corner. It’s likely that this person is creative. It may seem messy to the lay-person but the individual that created the ‘mess’ knows where most of the things are. This may also show a lack of motivation or satisfaction as the individual probably doesn’t care that their space is in disarray.

3. Cutesy stuff/ Toys Everywhere

Sure colorful pink and baby blue images and toys can lighten your mood, put a smile on your face and even make you hum a cartoon theme song (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). If your desk is starting to look like you might be running a daycare center on the side you might want to downsize and take a few action figures home. This shows a playful individual that could be slightly irresponsible and a little detached from reality.

 4. Post-its everywhere

We’re all guilty of this and why shouldn’t you? They’re convenient, quick and usually at arm’s length. The reasons behind it though maybe that your scheduling program or application may not be fulfilling your needs. Also take a look at how you set up tasks for yourself at the beginning of the day.

5. Personal effects everywhere!

A photo of your significant other, a picture of your last vacation, as image of your kids or dog are all great little items to keep you motivated and in high spirits through-out the day. Be cautious not to overdo it though. No one wants to see you or your husband in a speedo, and the picture when you were falling over drunk, wearing a huge sombrero in Cabo is hilarious but will definitely raise some eyebrows. Also if you have too many personal pictures it may become distracting as you daydream about your last vacation. Keep it professional and fully dressed.

6. Even color can influence you

People respond to color in very observable ways. Did you know that McDonalds uses its trademark red and yellow color combination because red stimulates your hunger response and yellow stimulates energy levels?  Greens, blues and earth-tones create a calming effect and clashing or complementary colors (green and red is one such combination) can create anxiety. Color coordination isn’t just for stylists anymore.  

Keep in mind that you work within a group of people. Smells, images and messes can influence the people around you and the general atmosphere of the office. Be considerate and un-offensive and you’ll help to create a productive enjoyable office environment. If you have any other suggestions regarding how to keep and decorate your workplace feel free to let us know in the comments selection below!