How Important is a Klout Score?

A Klout score matters if you want it to matter! Essentially, the importance of a good Klout score is completely dependent on the individual recruiter and company. If you are recruiting for a role that requires the individual to have influence over a specific demographic then a good Klout score could mean the difference between a candidate landing the job and not, but in other cases, a Klout score could be completely insignificant.

When may a Klout Score matter?

1.      If you are recruiting for a social media position and need the applicant to be aware of how to use social media platforms

2.      If you need your new recruit to have an influence over certain target markets

3.      To help you differentiate between similarly skilled candidates

Why a Klout score is irrelevant to your recruitment strategy…

1.      Accuracy is questionable: A teenager, active on several social networking sites, would end up with a higher Klout score than a marketing executive with years of experience in the industry.

2.      It is only a number: Despite measuring your ‘influence’, the number of a Klout score does not necessarily reflect the true impact a candidate has online.

3.      A high score may be irrelevant: A candidate with a Klout score of only 20, but whom is active in groups that you hope to target, would therefore by more useful to you than the candidate with the score of 90.

4.      Manipulated scores: Candidates can manipulate their scores through buying followers on twitter, likes on facebook and other social media packages that help to boost your presence.

5.      Qualifications over Klout: Basing your hiring decision on a person’s Klout score may meant that you overlook candidates who are in fact better qualified for the job.

Advantages of placing importance over a candidate’s Klout score:

Verify a candidate’s knowledge of recent trends:  Klout is relatively new to the social media market and as such, not every social media savvy individual knows what a Klout score is, or even has one! Therefore, asking for a candidate’s Klout score will test how knowledgeable they are with industry buzzwords and new industry developments.

A different approach: A high Klout score can set a candidate apart from the competition. This means that a candidate’s resume could be poorly written or vacant in terms of having relevant work experience, but with a high Klout score, they could land an interview almost immediately!

Ability to judge a person’s influence: Klout scores can be used to help you discover the approximate influence a candidate has on certain markets and groups of individuals. The higher the score, the more influence the candidate has!


Assists with hiring strategy: As a recruiter, you will likely be inundated with hundreds of resume applications, and as such, refining your candidate list can become quite the challenge. By placing importance on a candidate’s Klout score, it can become an effective pre-screening method to reduce the size of your ‘interview list’.